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Apple Final Cut Pro 5 Tutorial

An industry standard, Final Cut Pro 5 delivers powerful and precise editing tools that work with virtually any format, from DV and native HDV to fully uncompressed HD. With multicam editing tools, advanced color correction and intuitive audio mixing, Final Cut Pro gives you more creative options and technical control than ever before. Whether you are editing a home video, or the next film that will take the independent world by storm, Final Cut Pro is the program to use. This tutorial will walk you through capturing your own video and setting up your projects, all the way through learning about high definition formats, color correction, effects and final output. All laid out in an easy to follow format. This course will get you up and editing in no time! To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Apple Final Cut Pro 5 lessons.


Digital Production
New in Version 5

System Configuration

Equipment Setup
Launching Program & Saving a Project
Overview of the Interface
Executing Commands

Video Capture

Log & Capture Window
Clip Settings
Capture Settings
Capture Now
Capture Clip
Batch Capture


Importing Files
Clips & Source Files
Importing Audio from CD
Importing with iTunes
Master Clips


Browser Views
Organizing Clips
Sorting & Organizing Columns
Finding Clips


Playing & Marking Clips
Video & Audio Tabs
Transport Controls
Overlay & View Pop-ups
Viewing & Marking Shortcuts
Timecode Fields

Basic Editing

Drag & Drop Editing
The Timeline & Canvas Window
Snapping Controls
Overwrite & Insert Editing
Advanced Dragging

Timeline Editing

Zooming & Timeline Navigation
Selecting & Moving Clips
Deleting in the Timeline
Selection Tool Trimming
Rippling Edits
Rolling Edits
Slipping Clips
Sliding Clips
Sequence Clips in the Viewer
Editing with the Keyboard

Advanced Editing

Source & Destination Controls
Sequence Timecode
3 Point Editing
Replace Edit
Superimpose Edit
Fit to Fill Edit
Trim Edit Window


Linked Selection
Linking & Unlinking Clips
Sync Indicators
Merging Clips

Subclips and Markers

Adding Markers
Markers in the Timeline
Creating Sublips
Using Markers To Create Subclips


The Audio Tab
Adjusting Levels & Pan
Adjusting Audio Over Time
Stereo & Mono Tracks
Audio Mixing
Audio Mixer Tool
MIDI Control Surfaces

Preferences and System Settings

Clip & Sequence Settings
Preferences & System Settings
Audio/Video Settings
Interface Layouts
Keyboard & Button Layouts

High Definition

High Definition Formats
Frame Sizes
Frame Rates
Scanning Methods
Interpreting the Numbers
HD Workflow
Using HDV


Applying Transitions
Adjusting Transitions
Favorite & Default Transitions
Trouble-Shooting Transitions


Applying Filters to Clips
Adjusting Filters on a Clip
Creating a Favorite Filter
Pasting & Removing Attributes

Rendering and RealTime

RealTime Capabilities
Dynamic RT
Rendering Audio
Managing Render Files

Multicam Editing

Creating a Multiclip
Viewing Multiclips
Performing a Live Cut

Color Correction

3-way Color Corrector
Adjusting Luminance
Adjusting Chroma
Matching Shots

Titles and Graphics

Generating Items
Creating Basic Titles
Using Motion Enhanced Titles
Using Title 3D

Motion Effects

The Motion Tab
Using Keyframes
Compositing Clips
Constant Speed Changes
Variable Speed Changes


LiveType Interface
Adding a LiveFont
Adding Textures, Objects & Effects
Integrating Final Cut & LiveType

Soundtrack Pro

Composing In Soundtrack
Exporting a Mix
Mixing a Multi Track Project
Editing an Audio File Project

Final Output

Output to Tape
Export a Full Quality QuickTime
Export for the Web
Export Using Compressor
Export for DVD


Final Thoughts


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