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Apple DVD Studio Pro 4 Tutorial

Tap into the advanced authoring toolset of Apple DVD Studio Pro 4 to create everything from DVD dailies, to highly interactive commercial titles in both SD and HD. author, Nathan Haggard, shows how to get the most of the application's sophisticated design tools, templates, and transitions, offering unparalleled creative freedom. High end features and integration with graphic programs allow for unlimited customization. Pre-built templates and artwork allows one to easily create a professional DVD in minutes. To begin learning Apple DVD Studio Pro 4 today, simply click on one of the lessons below.


DVD Technology
New in Version 4

DVD Creation Overview

Post Production Workflow
Authoring in DVD Studio Pro

Authoring a Basic DVD

Creating a QuickTime Movie
Starting a New Project
Working from a Template
Adding Video
Testing & Burning a DVD

The Interface

Window Configurations
Windows / Palettes / Quadrants / Tabs
Customizing the Toolbar

DVD Specifications

Frame Resolution & File Formats
Video Bit Rates

DVD Physical Media

Sides / Layers / Capacity
Plus & Minus Write / Rewrite
Duplication vs. Replication

Planning a DVD

Bit Budgeting

Setup & Importing

Setting Preferences
DVD Elements
Disc Level Settings

Working with Tracks

Adding Video & Audio
Adding Chapter Markers
Importing a Marker List
Basic Editing
Simulating the Track

Creating Menus in DVDSP

Adding & Modifying Text
Creating Buttons
Text Button Highlights
Adding a Background
Creating a Chapter Index Menu
Linking Buttons to Markers
Auto Create Index Menu
Video Title Set Editor

Shapes / Styles & Templates

Understanding Pre-Made Elements
Creating a Button Style
Creating a Template
Drop Zones vs. Buttons


Function of Stories
Creating Stories
Using Stories with an Index Menu
Story Navigation

Creating Menus in Photoshop

Creating a Menu
Designing Buttons
Creating a Basic Overlay
Creating an Advanced Overlay
Applying Photoshop Menu in DVDSP
Applying Basic Overlay
Applying Advanced Overlay
Layered Files in Basic Menus
Menu Audio

Motion Menus

Creating Motion Menus
Creating Overlays for Motion Menus
Applying Motion Menus

Layered Menus

Understanding Layered Menus
Building Layered Menus
Using Layered Menus in DVDSP


Building a Slideshow
Working with Slideshow Audio
Using Slideshow Transitions

MPEG-2 Encoding

QuickTime or MPEG-2
MPEG-2 Encoding Basics pt. 1
MPEG-2 Encoding Basics pt. 2
HDV / MPEG-2 / H.264

Chapter Markers in Final Cut Pro

Chapter Markers & Compression Markers

Using Compressor

Exporting from Final Cut Pro
Customizing Presets pt. 1
Customizing Presets pt. 2
Compressing Audio for DVD
Distributed Encoding


Purpose of Scripts
Creating a Random Play Script
Loop Point Jump Back Script
Menu Timeout


Basic Transitions
Video Transitions
Alpha Transitions


Creating Subtitles
Adjusting Text Parameters
Importing Subtitle Files

Anamorphic 16:9 & 23.98fps

Anamorphic & 24fps
Anamorphic in DVDSP

Multiple Streams

Encoding for Multiple Streams
Creating a Multi-Angle Track
Mixed Angles
Multiple Audio & Subtitle Streams
Linking Setup Menus to Multiple Streams


DVDs & the Internet
Linking to the Web
Testing the Weblink
Linking to a File
Linking to E-mail

Advanced Connections

The Connections Tab
Establishing Connections
Final Testing

Building and Formatting a DVD

Building a DVD
Testing in DVD Player
Formating in DVD Studio Pro
Burning In Toast
Purchasing DVD Media and Labels

Creating an HD DVD

High Definition Editing Formats
Authoring a High Def Project
Viewing a High Def DVD
HD DVD vs. Blue Ray

Advanced Tricks

Buttons Over Video
Easter Eggs


Final Thoughts


About the Author

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