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Apple Aperture 2 Tutorial

Aperture 2 is a powerful, efficient, and fun program designed to handle most of the tasks photographers face from input to output, including image organization and optimization. Aperture 2 has tools that help increase efficiency and productivity each step of the way. This practical “how to” course by Apple Certified Trainer Ellen Anon, a member of the Aperture Advisory Panel, is designed to help you use each of Aperture’s features effectively. You’ll learn how to customize the interface to make it better fit your needs and how to use the adjustment tools to make your images the best they can be. This course starts at the beginning and continues on through the advanced features with easy to follow examples provided for each topic. To begin learning Apple Aperture 2 today, simply click on the movie links.


Course Overview
Overview of Aperture
New in Version 2.1
System Specs & Camera Compatibility
The Language of Aperture

Importing Images

Referenced Versus Managed Files
Importing pt. 1
Importing pt. 2
Using iPhoto & Pre-existing Folders
Shooting Tethered

Aperture Interface

Views pt. 1
Views pt. 2
The Inspector
Setting Preferences pt. 1
Setting Preferences pt. 2
The Loupe & Zoom Tools
Customizing the Interface
Useful Shortcuts
Badges & Borders
Using Multiple Monitors

Organizing & Using Metadata

Applying Ratings
Compare & Sort
Using the Sort & Filter Tools
Query HUD
Smart Albums
Applying Keywords pt. 1
Applying Keywords pt. 2
Applying Keywords pt. 3
Viewing Metadata pt. 1
Viewing Metadata pt. 2
Custom Metadata Views

Optimizing Images

Overview of Adjustments pt. 1
Overview of Adjustments pt. 2
Histograms pt. 1
Histograms pt. 2
Retouch Tool pt. 1
Retouch Tool pt. 2
Retouch Tool pt. 3
Raw Fine Tuning pt. 1
Raw Fine Tuning pt. 2
Setting White Balance
Exposure Brick pt. 1
Exposure Brick pt. 2
Enhance Brick pt. 1
Enhance Brick pt. 2
Using Levels
Using Highlight & Shadows
Customizing Color
Sharpening pt. 1
Sharpening pt. 2
Devignette Tool
Vignette Tool
Red Eye Removal
Monochrome Mixer
Color Monochrome & Sepia
Flip Command
Noise Reduction
Lift & Stamp

Using External Editors & Plugins

Using an External Editor
Dodge & Burn Plugin pt. 1
Dodge & Burn Plugin pt. 2
Dodge & Burn Plugin pt. 3


Creating Emails pt. 1
Creating Emails pt. 2
Creating Slideshows pt. 1
Creating Slideshows pt. 2
Using Aperture & Keynote pt. 1
Using Aperture & Keynote pt. 2
Printing pt. 1
Printing pt. 2
Printing pt. 3
Creating a Web Gallery
Creating a Web Page pt. 1
Creating a Web Page pt. 2
Creating a Web Journal pt. 1
Creating a Web Journal pt. 2
Creating a Book pt. 1
Creating a Book pt. 2
Creating a Book pt. 3
Creating a Book pt. 4
Exporting Images

Additional Topics

The Vault
Backing Up & Time Machine
Relocating Masters
Consolidating Master
Managing Referenced Files
Changing the Time Stamp
Customizing the Keyboard
Two Computer Workflow
Aperture & iPhone
Light Table pt. 1
Light Table pt. 2
Aperture & Automator pt. 1
Aperture & Automator pt. 2


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About Ellen Anon

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