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Adobe Video Bundle Essentials Tutorial

The Adobe Video Bundle is the complete suite of Adobe's video applications. This includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Encore DVD, Audition, and even Flash! This training series covers the basics of every application in the suite, as well as how each program integrates with the others within the suite. This course is taught by author, consultant, funny guy, and Adobe Certified Expert, Chad Perkins. This training series is the best way to get up to speed with all of these amazing applications. And whether you're completely new to some, or all, of these great programs, or whether you're a seasoned expert in them, there are essential tips and tricks in this series that will completely change your workflow. Chad Perkins is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, After Effects, and one of the world's first Adobe Certified Experts in Adobe Encore DVD, and a well-seasoned software trainer that will entertain as well as educate. A DVD containing work files is included. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Adobe Video Bundle Essentials movie links.


Welcome & Overview
Other Bundle Options
For Mac Users

Production Studio Universals

The New Interface pt. 1
The New Interface pt. 2
Workspaces pt. 1
Workspaces pt. 2
Adobe Help Center
32-bit Color Depth pt. 1
32-bit Color Depth pt. 2
Edit Original
Helpers pt. 1
Helpers pt. 2
The Adobe Color Picker
The Black & White Arrows Explained
Text pt. 1
Text pt. 2

Photoshop Intro

What is Photoshop?
Why Start Video Training With Photoshop?
Photoshop Interface Overview

Photoshop CS2 New Features

Really Really Smart Objects pt. 1
Really Really Smart Objects pt. 2
Healing on the Spot
Keep the Noise Down
Vanishing Point
The Layer Revolution
Red Eye Finally Done Right
Warp It. Warp It Good.

Photoshop Basics

Fiddling With Images 101
Selecting With Marquee Tools
Selecting With Lasso Tools
Selecting With Color
Layers in a Nutshell pt. 1
Layers in a Nutshell pt. 2
Painting pt. 1
Painting pt. 2
Creating Alpha Channels
Layer Styles pt. 1
Layer Styles pt. 2
Adjustment Layers pt. 1
Adjustment Layers pt. 2
Layer & Vector Masks
Output Format Crash Course

Photoshop Video Bundle Integration

Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction
Photoshop & Illustrator
Photoshop & AE
Secret Effects in After Effects
Secret Codes for Encore DVD

After Effects Intro

What is After Effects?
Two Types of After Effects

After Effects 7.0 New Features

Graph Editor
Open GL 2.0
Timewarp & Pixel Motion pt. 1
Timewarp & Pixel Motion pt. 2

After Effects Basics

The After Effects Workflow
Important Importing pt. 1
Important Importing pt. 2
Animation Basics
The Five Transforms pt. 1
The Five Transforms pt. 2
Previewing Animations
Applying Effects pt. 1
Applying Effects pt. 2
Audio in AE
File Format Essentials

After Effects Integration

AE Can Make Photoshop Files!
Making Photoshop Text Editable
Exporting to Flash
After Effects for Print
More About AE & Premiere
AE & Encore DVD

Premiere Pro Intro

What is Adobe Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro 2.0 New Features

My Favorite - Clip Notes
Multicam Editing
New Sweet Effects
DVD Authoring From Premiere

Premiere Pro Basics

The Premiere Workflow pt. 1
The Premiere Workflow pt. 2
Capturing Video
Editing Video pt. 1
Editing Video pt. 2
Applying Effects
Applying Transitions
Creating Titles
Audio in Premiere pt. 1
Audio in Premiere pt. 2
The Adobe Media Encoder

Premiere Pro Integration

Adobe Dynamic Link
Premiere & the Production Studio

Illustrator Intro

What is Illustrator? pt. 1
What is Illustrator? pt. 2
Raster & Vector Explained
Illustrator Interface Overview pt. 1
Illustrator Interface Overview pt. 2

Illustrator CS2 New Features

Live Trace = AWESOME
Live Paint
Control Palette

Illustrator Basics

Drawing is Fun pt. 1
Drawing is Fun pt. 2
Strokes & Fills pt. 1
Strokes & Fills pt. 2
Transforming pt. 1
Transforming pt. 2
Layers & Stacking
Pathfinding pt. 1
Pathfinding pt. 2
Blends & Meshes
Essential Effects pt. 1
Essential Effects pt. 2
Expanding is Essential!

Illustrator Integration

Setting AE Comp Size in AI
Expanded SWF Export Options
New PS Layer Comp Support
Copying Paths Preferences
Motion Paths for AE
Be a Symbologist pt. 1
Be a Symbologist pt. 2
Be a Symbologist pt. 3

Encore DVD Intro

What is Adobe Encore DVD? pt. 1
What is Adobe Encore DVD? pt. 2

Encore DVD 2.0 New Features

Beefed-up Slideshows
Go with the Flowchart
Make Stuff Rotate!

Encore DVD Basics

DVD Authoring Workflow pt. 1
DVD Authoring Workflow pt. 2
DVD Authoring Workflow pt. 3
Working With Timelines
The Properties Panel pt. 1
The Properties Panel pt. 2
The Library Panel pt. 1
The Library Panel pt. 2
Export to DVD pt. 1
Export to DVD pt. 2

Encore DVD Integration

Premiere & Photoshop Tidbits
Making an AE Comp from Encore

Audition Intro

What is Adobe Audition?
Audition Interface Overview

Audition 2.0 New Features

LOADS of New Stuff

Audition Basics

Edit View
Multitrack View pt. 1
Multitrack View pt. 2
CD Project View & Mixdown
Fixing Bad Audio

Audition Integration

The Horizontal Line
Photoshop & Audition
Syncing Audio to Video
5.1 Surround Sound pt. 1
5.1 Surround Sound pt. 2

Flash Intro

What is Flash?
Two Versions of Flash
Flash Interface Overview

Flash 8 Pro New Features

Filters & Blend Modes
Custom Easing
Alpha Channel Support

Flash Basics

Drawing Tools pt. 1
Drawing Tools pt. 2
Animating in Flash pt. 1
Animating in Flash pt. 2
Of Libraries & Symbols pt. 1
Of Libraries & Symbols pt. 2
Testing & Output

Flash Integration

Using After Effects Presets
More Illustrator & Flash
Flash Video

Bridge Intro

What is Bridge?

Bridge Basics

Metadata & Keywords
Sort & Organize
Adobe Stock Photos

Bridge Integration

My Favorite Bridge Feature
Process From Bridge
Bridge Helps Everyone

Final Thoughts

Ways to Buy Cheaper & Legal
Adobe Studio
Other Resources
Get a Graphics Tablet!
A Little About Chad

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