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Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Tutorial

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 is a professional, real-time, digital non-linear, timeline based video editing application. Premiere Pro CS5 supports certain Adobe recommended graphics cards for accelerated processing, and CS5 is optimized purely for 64-bit operating systems to provide high quality video editing in both RGB and YUV. In addition to providing broadcast quality video creation, Premiere Pro CS5 includes a sophisticated audio element that includes VST effects for optimum aural fidelity. This project based course constructs a film, while covering all of the essential elements users need to learn the interface, proper editing of audio and video, use of filters and effects, rendering and exporting for output to DVD in multiple formats. Work Files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


Creative Suite Overview
What is Premiere Pro CS5?
Installation & System Requirements
Online Resources pt. 1
Online Resources pt. 2

Getting Started

First Project Fundamentals
Project Interface
New Project Settings pt. 1
New Project Settings pt. 2
Setting a Sequence
Setting Preferences pt. 1
Setting Preferences pt. 2
Setting Preferences pt. 3
Interface Overview
Project Panel
Bringing in Assets
Capturing Footage pt. 1
Capturing Footage pt. 2
Project Bins & Clips
Project Panel Buttons
List & Icon View

Getting Into the Details

Workspaces & Tabs
Custom Workspaces
Panel Tabs
File Formats
Search Function
Source Monitor pt. 1
Source Monitor pt. 2
Setting In & Out Points
Source Panel Buttons
Source Panel Functions
Source Monitor for Audio
Assessing the Sequence

Creating a Movie

Timeline Overview pt. 1
Timeline Overview pt. 2
Program Monitor
Lift & Extract
Timeline In Close Up
Track Parameters
Track Buttons pt. 1
Track Buttons pt. 2
Video Frames & Audio Time Units pt. 1
Video Frames & Audio Time Units pt. 2
Track View Preferences
Track Styles
Using the CTI
Zooming In & Out

The Creative Process

Tool Panel pt. 1
Tool Panel pt. 2
Tool Panel pt. 3
Making Simple Edits
Using Markers pt. 1
Using Markers pt. 2
Markers & Notes
Creative Razor Editing
First Sequence
Freeze Frame Images
Integrating Photoshop
Photoshop Import Options pt. 1
Photoshop Import Options pt. 2
Distorting Time pt. 1
Distorting Time pt. 2
Quick Tips pt. 1
Quick Tips pt. 2

Using Effects

Video Effects Introduction
Exploring Effects
Affecting Effects pt. 1
Affecting Effects pt. 2
Third Party Effects
Transitions pt. 1
Transitions pt. 2
Using After Effects
Audio Effects
Adjusting Opacity & Audio
Customizing Effects
Spacial Properties
Adding Motion

Utilizing Audio

Audio Properties OVerview
Timeline Audio Adjustments pt. 1
Timeline Audio Adjustments pt. 2
Audio Mixer Overview pt. 1
Audio Mixer Overview pt. 2
Audio Submixes
Inserting Audio Effects
Soundbooth Integration
Optimizing Audio In Soundbooth pt. 1
Optimizing Audio In Soundbooth pt. 2
Audio Hardware Options
Audio File Manipulation
Directing Recording

Using Titles

Why Use Titles?
Titling Panel
Title Templates
Safe Zones
Using Styles
Rolls & Crawls
Text Property Adjustments
Adding Textual Effects
Titles on Paths
Shape Objects & Fills


Simple Export
Media Encoder

Wrap Up

Summary of Content Covered


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