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Adobe Premiere 4.2 Tutorial

Adobe Premiere 4.2 is an application used for broadcasting quality video, offline editing, video for the web, and motion graphics. Mark Boscacci covers all the basics of Premiere in this Virtual Training Company tutorial. He will teach you about filters, motion controls, various palettes, composite tools, and more. Get started right away by clicking one of the topics below.


About This CD
Welcome & Introduction

Getting Started

Launching Into Premiere
Options For Every Window
Construction Window Options
Project Window Options
Preview Window Options

Bringing Elements In

Opening Images
Rasterizing Images
Importing Files
Importing Folders
Importing Projects
Importing Numbered Series
Importing Audio
Importing Video
Device Control Preferences

Transitions & More

Transitions/Filters Primer
More on Transitions
Transitions/Gradient Wipe
Transitions (Pic In Pic) 1
Transitions (Pic In Pic) 2
Aligning Transitions

Making & Displaying Movies

Movie Making Options
Making CD-ROM Movies
Batch Movie Making
Print to Video
Sequencing Movies

Project Window

Project Window Basics
Project Window Folders
Project Window Icons
Searching For & Finding Clips

Construction Window

Construction Window Tools
The Controller

Clip Window

Clip Window Overview
Clip Window Preferences
Setting Markers
Exporting PICT Images

Title Window

Title Window Basics
Laying Out Type
Reference Frames/Drop Shadows
Eyedropper Tool
Much Ado About Type
Type & Geometrics Study

Additional Windows

The Info Window
Locking Window
Trimming Window


Filters 1 (Tonal And Utility)
Filters 2 (Creative)
Filters 3 (Image Pan)
Filters 4 (Audio)

Compositing Tools

Bluescreen Intro
Chroma Key Intro
Duplicating Chroma Keys
Alpha Channel Key Intro
Luminance Key
Image Matte
Track Matte
Screen Key Type

Motion Controls

Motion Window 1
Motion Window 2
Motion Window/Paste Special 1
Motion Window/Paste Special 2

Tools And Utilities

The Commands Palette
Movie Analysis Tool
Slow Mo & Fast Mo Primer
Still Frames from any Clip
Time-lapse Basics
Exporting Backgrounds
Exporting Flattened Movies
Exporting Movie Segments
Exporting EDLs
Data Rate Analyzer
Making Miniatures
Project Trimming

Case Studies

Case Study 1
Case Study 2
Case Study 3


Filmstrips 1
Filmstrips 2
Filmstrips 3

Virtual Clips

Virtual Clips 1
Virtual Clips 2
Virtual Clips 3

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