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Adobe Photoshop for the Web Tutorial

Virtual Training Company's Photoshop for the Web tutorial is designed for the user who has a basic comprehension of Photoshop and would like to brush up on the skills required for effective web design. Each of Rick Martin's lessons builds on the previous one, as he leads you through an example work project. He uses this project to show you how to format, slice, and save your work for the Web. You can begin learning now by simply clicking on one of the links below.

Introduction & Setting Up

Welcome & About This Course
Preferences - Saving Files - Display & Cursors
Transparency & Gamut / Units & Rulers / Guides & Grid
Plug-ins & Scratch Disks / Memory & Image Cache

Photoshop Basics

Screen Areas Overview
Layer Styles
Managing Assets
Actions & Droplets
Creating New Images
Opening & Acquiring Images
Blending Modes
Vector Graphics vs. Bitmap Graphics

Photoshop Tools & Techniques

Painting l
Painting ll
Selecting l
Selecting ll
Modifying l ? Crop & Clone
Modifying ll ? Retouching
Modifying lll ? Sampling & Annotation

Basics of Web Design

Origins & Behavior / Internet & World Wide Web
Internet Architecture & Web Delivery
Web Page Structure
Graphic Architecture

Internet Constraints & Solutions

Download Time
Browser & Platform Compatibility
Browser Offset
JavaScript & Absolute Positioning
Table Backgrounds
Monitor Resolution
Image Shape

Color For The Web

Color Modes
Picking & Specifying Colors
Monitor Bit Depth
Web Safe Color
Browser Compensation for Missing Colors
Save for Web

Using Type

Type on the Web
Types of Type
Setting Graphic Type l
Setting Graphic Type ll

Image Formats

Image Formats Overview
GIF - Color Lookup Table (CLUT)
GIF - LZW Compression
GIF - Dithering l
GIF - Dithering ll
GIF - Color Reduction Algorithms
GIF - Transparent & Matte & Avoiding Halos
JPEG - Overview
JPEG - Saving
PNG - Overview & Saving

Working With Photographs

Cropping & Rotating
Removing Blemishes
Color Balance & Curves
Selecting Areas
Modifying Areas
Photograph Effects for the Web

Creating Backgrounds & Textures

Background Techniques
Tiling Background Methods
Parchment Background
Muddy Concrete
VTC Pattern Background
Watermark Background
3d Pattern Background

Layer Styles

Layer Styles Overview
Simple Web Buttons
Squeezed Green Paint
Glass l
Glass ll
Water Drops & Liquify

Work Project - Simple Interface

Navigation Panel
Button Text
Modifying & Tweaking
Slicing l
Save for Web l
Formatting l
Slicing ll & Save for Web ll
Formatting ll

Work Project - Layered & Perspective Interface

Formatting Text
Text Effects
Warped Text
Perspective Text
Slicing l
Slicing ll & Save for Web

Work Project - Top Border Interface With Glass Buttons

Overview & Top Panels
Modifying the Top Panels
Glass Buttons
Divider Lines & Glowing Glass
Add Text & Slice
Save for Web & Formatting

Where to Now?


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