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Adobe Photoshop Special FX Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop is the world-standard image-editing solution for print and the web. Virtual Training Company's Photoshop Special F/X tutorial is targeted at the intermediate to advanced user with a minimum of 60 hours experience, who has taken a 16-hour class, or, ideally, someone who has viewed roughly 70% of the VTC Photoshop tutorial (ISBN # 1930519206). Expert author Rita Amladi teaches over 9 hours of advanced aspects of this application, including color corrections, removing glares and distractions, shadow play, and many other advanced tips and tricks to add to your knowledge of Photoshop. Go ahead and get started by clicking on any of the topics below.

Photoshop F/X Details

About This CD
New in Photoshop
Favorite Shortcuts
More Shortcuts

Photographic F/X

Retouching Tips From the Pros
Assess an Image
Contrast Adjustments Tools
Make the Contrast Snap
More Tone and Color Corrections
Remove a Color Cast
Local Color Corrections
Pop and Subdue Color
Auto Photo Enhancement
Non-Destructive Dodging and Burning

More Photographic F/X

Restore Old Photos
Restore and Colorize
Remove Distractions
Remove Glare and Add A Polarizing Effect
Darken the Sky
Sharpen an out-of-focus Image
Change Depth of Field
Generate the Best Black and White Image
Add and Remove Grain From an Image
Create a Silhouette For Impact
Soft Focus Lens F/X
High Key F/X
High Contrast F/X
Vignettes and Photo Edge F/X
Simulate Lens Filter F/X

Creative Colorization

Digital Sepia Toning
Selenium Toning
Digital Cyanotypes
Two-Toned Images
Moving Color F/X
Solarizing F/X
Cross-Processed F/X
Random Colorization
Andy Warhol F/X

Art and Illustration

Easy Illustration F/X
Pointillistic F/X
Impressionist F/X
Poster Art F/X
Poster Art 2 F/X
Natural media F/X
Hand Painted/Tinted F/X
Stippling F/X
Woodcut F/X
Line Art Engraving F/X
Mosaic F/X

Typographic F/X

Editable Type and Layer Effects
Curve Fitting Type
Popular F/X For Display Type
Relief Type F/X
Type F/X 3: Chrome Pattern Fill F/X
Type Reflections Perspective Types
Distressed Type F/X
Type Masks
Screened Type F/X
Type On Type F/X

Perspective Motion and 3D F/X

Extreme Perspective F/X
Adding Perspective Elements
Convergence Correction
Motion F/X 1: Everyday Motion
Motion F/X 2: Panned Camera & Zoom Lens F/X
Multiple Exposures
Simple Extrusion F/X
More Extrusions
Adding Dimensionality
Backgrounds with Depth

Texture / Lighting and Shadow F/X

Texture with Depth
Mapping a Texture
Painting with Texture
Working with Scanned Textures
Lighting and Texture
Let There Be Light
Objects Aglow
Shadow Play
Pro Shadows

Advanced Masking Compositions

Intro to Pro Selections
Hard-Edged Masks and other Extractions
Subtle Selections
Composite Masks
Selecting by Attributes
Using What is There
More Using What is There
Editing Selection
Tips for Compositions
Montage Styles
Background Elements

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