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Adobe Photoshop Image Restoration Tutorial

Phil Hawkins has been a landscape Photographer in Yosemite National Park for twenty-two years and an avid user of Photoshop for the last seven years. In this tutorial, "Adobe Photoshop Image Restoration - Image Acquisition and Retouching", he will begin by teaching photography concepts: image color, film grain, tonal range and cropping techniques, will be covered. Next, he will move into acquisition methods such as scanning and importing. Once the image has been brought into Photoshop, he will discuss file management, resolution and bit depth. He will follow up with color correction, composition and finally image restoration. This is a project based tutorial that will help any Photoshop user from version 5 up to the current CS and beyond. To begin learning today, simply click one of the topics below.


File Manipulation - File/Folder Organization
Color Depth/DMAX/S/R Ratings
Flatbed/Slide and Drum Scanners
How to Scan Images
Digital Cameras - Imaging Concepts

Image Types

PSD (Photoshop) Files
Adjusting Contrast with the Levels Dialog Box

Image Sources

Film - Print Film Versus Slide Film
Film - Speed, Grain/DMAX Ratings
Film - 35mm/Medium Format/Large Format

Creative Concepts

Image Manipulation - Example 1
Image Manipulation - Example 2
Image Manipulation - Example 3


Cropping Tool
Auto Button/Levels Dialog Box
Levels Dialog Box
Select Color Range
Adjusting Contrast/Reducing Contrast
Levels Dialog Box
Auto Contrast
Brightening the Colors
Auto Color
Color Balance
Curves/Slide Scans
Curves/Digital Cameras
Increasing the Sharpness/Detail of the Image
Unsharp Mask pt. 1
Unsharp Mask pt. 2
High Pass Filter
Adjusting Part of Your Image pt. 1
Adjusting Part of Your Image pt. 2
Magnetic Lasso
Freehand Lasso
Polygonal Lasso
History Brush
Color Range
Dodge and Burn

Antique Photos Pt. 1

Antique Photos pt. 1
Antique Photos pt. 2
Antique Photos pt. 3
Antique Photos pt. 4
Antique Photos pt. 5
Antique Photos pt. 6
Antique Photos pt. 7
Antique Photos pt. 8

Antique Photos Pt. 2

Antique Photos 2 pt. 1
Antique Photos 2 pt. 2

Cool Stuff

Clone Stamp Tool
Red Eye
Body Parts
Skin pt. 1
Skin pt. 2
Skin pt. 3
Skin pt. 4
Skin pt. 5
Create Depth of Field

Photoshop CS

Color Match
Batch Dialogue Box
Contact Sheet
Photo Filters
Color Replacement
Filter Gallery
Lens Blur pt.1
Lens Blur pt.2


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