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Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Tutorial

Photoshop Elements 9 is often described as the best $99 you can spend as a photographer. The power of its functions, yet ease of use, make it a tremendous tool for correcting images and making image-based projects. Phil Hawkins, an award-winning photographer from Fresno, CA will take you through not only the complete explanation of how everything works, but the basics of digital imaging theory and digital camera operation. Additionally, Phil offers lessons on how to shoot better portraits and landscape images all in an effort to make you the best photographer you can be and to take those shots and display or distribute them putting your best foot forward. Three courses in one! To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.



New in Elements 9

Addition of Layer Masks
Photomerge Style Match
Improved Panorama Stitching pt. 1
Improved Panorama Stitching pt. 2
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Make Postage Stamps with Your Images

Setting Your Camera For the Best Results in Elements

Digital Cameras 101
What is Resolution?
Camera Settings
Things to Remember About Your Digital Camera

Basics Theories

File Types: TIF/JPG/RAW pt. 1
File Types: TIF/JPG/RAW pt. 2
Difference Between DPI & PPI
Color Spaces
Your Monitor Calibration

Elements 9 Basics

Preferences pt. 1
Preferences pt. 2


Getting Photos From Your Camera
Keyword Tags pt. 1
Keyword Tags pt. 2
Smart Tags & Face Recognition
Albums pt. 1
Albums pt. 2
Smart Albums

Edit (or "Fix")

Auto Fixes

The "Guided" Tab

Basic Photo Edits
Lighting & Exposure
Color Correction
Guided Activities pt. 1
Guided Activities pt. 2
Photomerge Group Shot & Faces
Scene Cleaner
Style Match
Action Player

Quick Edit

General Fixes

Full Edit

Layers pt. 1
Layers pt. 2
Layer Masks
The Histogram
Editing PSD & RAW files
Undo History


Move Tool
Zoom Tool
Hand Tool
Eyedropper Tool
Rectangular/Elliptical Marquee Tool pt. 1
Rectangular/Elliptical Marquee Tool pt. 2
Lasso Tool
Magic Wand Tool
Quick Selection Tools
Type Tool pt. 1
Type Tool pt. 2
Type Mask Tool pt. 1
Type Mask Tool pt. 2
Crop Tool
Recompose Tool
Cookie Cutter Tool pt. 1
Cookie Cutter Tool pt. 2
Straighten Tool: Fix Crooked Photos
Red Eye Tool
Spot Healing Brush Tool: Touch Up Skin
Clone Stamp Tool
Eraser Tools
Brush Tool
Paint Bucket Tool
Gradient Tool pt. 1
Gradient Tool pt. 2
Custom Shape Tool
Blur/Sharpen/Smudge Tool
Sponge/Dodge/Burn Tool

Special Effects

How to Apply & Adjust the Special Effects
How to Apply & Adjust the Contents

Adjusting Portraits

Introduction - Menu Bar
Portrait Shooting Techniques pt. 1
Portrait Shooting Techniques pt. 2
Portrait Shooting Techniques pt. 3
Global Adjustments pt. 1
Global Adjustments pt. 2
Sharpening pt. 1
Sharpening pt. 2
Color Adjustments pt. 1
Color Adjustments pt. 2
Skin Smoothing pt. 1
Skin Smoothing pt. 2
Skin Smoothing pt. 3
Skin Smoothing pt. 4
Black & White pt. 1
Black & White pt. 2

Adjusting Landscapes

What Makes a Good Landscape Shot pt. 1
What Makes a Good Landscape Shot pt. 2
Rule of Thirds pt. 1
Rule of Thirds pt. 2
Global Color Adjustments
HDR - High Dynamic Range pt. 1
HDR - High Dynamic Range pt. 2
Stitching Panoramas pt. 1
Stitching Panoramas pt. 2


Prints & Photo Books
Photo Greeting Cards
Photo Calendar
Photo Collage & Slide Show


Online Gallery
E-mail Attachments & Photo Mail




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