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Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 / Premiere Elements 3.0 Tutorial

Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 5.0 & Adobe Premiere® Elements 3.0 software combines two powerful yet easy-to-use products to deliver the most complete photo- and video-editing solution at a great value. Easily share photos and video clips between applications as you create cinematic slide shows, dramatic freeze-frame effects, and more. Then show off your finished projects on personalized discs or on the web. This VTC course will demonstrate how to use both applications, together or independently. To begin learning, simply click on one of the movie links.

Introduction to Photoshop and Premiere Elements

About This Course
What You Can Do with Photoshop Elements
What You Can Do with Premiere Elements

Photoshop Elements - Getting started

System Requirements
New in Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements Interface

Workspace Overview
The Organizer Workspace pt. 1
The Organizer Workspace pt. 2
The Editor Workspace
The Editor Toolbox

Getting Photos

Adding Files to Photoshop Elements
Adding Images from Cameras and Card Readers
Getting Images from Scanners
Getting Photos from Mobile Phones
Using Watch Folders

Viewing Photos

About the Photo Browser
Viewing Photos in a Slideshow
Viewing Multiple Documents
Searching for Files
Working in Map view

Organizing Photos

About Collections
Working with Collections
About Catalogs
Working with Catalogs
About Tags
Using the Tags Palette
Attaching Tags
Automatically Finding Faces for Tagging
Stacking Photos
Working with Version Sets
Working with Captions and Notes
Automating your Organization

Working with Files in the Editor

Opening and Saving Files
Processing Multiple Files at Once
Viewing Images pt. 1
Viewing Images pt. 2
Photoshop Supported File Formats


About Selections
Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee Tools
Freeform Selection with the Lasso Tools
Selections with the Magic Wand
Selections with the Selection Brush
Making Selections with the Cookie Cutter
Modifying Selections
Modifying Using the Selection Menu pt. 1
Modifying Using the Selection Menu pt. 2


About Layers
The Layers Palette
The Layer Menu
Adjustment Layers
Fill/Shape/Text Layers
Flattening and Merging Layers

Image Editing

Cropping and Resizing
Editing with the Clone Stamp Tool
Retouching with the Healing Brush Tool
Dodge and Burn Tools
Smudge/Sharpen/Blur Tools
The Sponge and Color Replacements Tools

Correcting Contrast/Clarity/Color

One-Step Auto Fixes pt. 1
One-Step Auto Fixes pt. 2
Adjusting Shadows and Light
Setting Brightness/Contrast
Sharpening Images
About Color
Color Correction Overview
Adjusting Color Saturation and Hue
Removing and Replacing Color
Adjusting Color Using Color Curves
Adjust Color for Skin Tone

Working with Effect and Filters

About Effects/Filters/Styles
The Artwork and Effects Palette pt. 1
The Artwork and Effects Palette pt. 2
Tips for Applying Filters
Filters Survey pt. 1
Filters Survey pt. 2
Layer Styles
Painting and Drawing

Printing and Sharing Images

Printing and Sharing Images: Overview
Making Slideshows/Flipbooks/Photo Galleries
Making Photo Creations
Publishing Images to the Web
Preparing to Print Images
Printing from the Organizer
Printing Picture Packages and Labels

Premiere Elements - Introduction

Required and Suggested System Requirements
New in Premiere Elements 3

Projects and Workspaces

Working with Projects
Project Presets pt. 1
Project Presets pt. 2
Working with Workspaces
Customizing Workspaces
The Workspace Panels
Setting Up Scratch Disks

Adding media

Adding Media Overview
Preparing Projects for Video Capture
Capturing from Analog Devices
The Capture Panel and Device Control
Capturing Video with the Capture Panel
Adding Other Types of Media Files
Using the Media Downloader to Add Files
Organizing Clips and Source Files pt. 1
Organizing Clips and Source Files pt. 2

Arranging Clips

Arranging Clips in the Sceneline pt. 1
Arranging Clips in the Sceneline pt. 2
Creating Slideshows in the Sceneline
About the Timeline
Timeline Editing Tools
Working with the Timeline
Arranging Clips on the Timeline pt. 1
Arranging Clips on the Timeline pt. 2
Copying/Pasting/Duplicating Clips
Finding Clip Durations and Using Markers
Previewing Movies in the Monitor Panel

Editing clips

Editing Clips Overview
Trimming Clips in the Preview Window
Trimming Clips in the Sceneline
Trimming Clips in the Timeline
Creating J-Cuts and L-Cuts in the Timeline
Splitting Clips
Freezing and Holding Frames

Applying Transitions

About Transitions
Applying Transitions
Modifying Transitions
Modifications in the Properties Panel Timeline

Applying Effects

Effects Overview
Applying and Removing Effects
Modifying Effects in the Properties Panel
Modifying Effects the Properties Timeline
Animating Effects with Keyframes pt. 1
Animating Effects with Keyframes pt. 2
Copying Keyframes
Animating Clip Position and Size

Creating Titles

Creating Titles
Trimming Titles pt. 1
Trimming Titles pt. 2
Editing and Formatting Text
Formatting Title Text pt. 1
Formatting Ttile Text pt. 2
Creating Rolls and Crawls

Adding and Mixing Audio

Adding Audio to Premiere Elements
Adding Narration to Clips pt. 1
Adding Narration to Clips pt. 2
How Volume Is Measured in Premiere Elements
Adjusting Volume Levels
Muting and Fading Volume

Creating DVDs

Overview of Creating DVDs
Working with DVD Markers
Setting up DVD Main Menu Markers
Setting Up DVD Scene Markers Manually
Setting Up DVD Scene Markers Automatically
Modifying DVD Menus
DVD Burn Settings and Formats
Creating DVDs for Different Geographic Regions
Burning DVD Disks


Supported Export File Types
Exporting Options pt. 1
Exporting Options pt. 2
Exporting for Hard Drive and Web Playback
Exporting to Video Tape
Saving and Archiving Projects

Using Photoshop and Premiere Elements Together

Getting Files from Photoshop Elements
Enhancing Slide Shows with Premier Elements
Enhancing Videos with PS Elements

Course Wrap-up

Course Wrap-up
Author Movie

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