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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tutorial

Delve head-long into the world of Photoshop with expert trainer, artist, and designer Geoff Blake! Gain a foothold and get comfortable using Photoshop’s interface, working with multiple images, and handling various file formats. Master the fundamentals of resolution, resizing, and resampling, then explore layers, selections, and masking. Finally, take your skills further by learning about color correction, special effects, and photo retouching. Packed with tricks, techniques, and hands-on tasks, you are sure to enjoy this easy, non-jargonny approach to Photoshop. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Course Overview


Getting Started

Understanding Raster Graphics
A Tour of the Interface
Options Bar
Interface Visibility Options

Navigating & Working with Files

Customizing the Interface
Exploring & Saving Workspaces
Setting Preferences pt. 1
Setting Preferences pt. 2
Creating New Documents
Touring the Image Window
Opening Files
Screen Modes
Zooming In & Out
Navigation & Zooming Techniques

Photoshop Productivity Techniques

Undoing Steps with History pt. 1
Undoing Steps with History pt. 2
Reverting Files
Saving & Understanding File Formats
Finding Files with Mini Bridge

Resizing & Cropping Images

Getting Started with Image Sizing
A Tour of the Image Size Dialog
Understanding PPI/DPI/LPI
Using the Image Size Dialog
Understanding Resampling
Resizing without Resampling
Resizing Using Resampling
Cropping Images pt. 1
Cropping Images pt. 2
Resizing the Canvas

Working with Selections

Getting Started with Selections
Creating Elliptical Selections
Floating Selections & Duplicating
Transforming Selections
Creating Selections with the Magic Wand
Using the Free Transform Command
Using the Polygonal Selection Tool
Combining Selection Tools
Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool
Adding to & Subtracting from Selections
Flipping an Object
Additional Selection Techniques

Working with Layers

A Tour of the Layers Panel
Combining Images
Rearranging & Renaming Layers
The Quick Selection Tool
Moving & Resizing Layer Objects
New Layers & Filling Selections
PSD Smart Objects in CS5
Getting Started with Layer Styles
Additional Layer Style Effects
Blending Modes & Opacity
Organizing Layers with Layer Groups
Additional Layer Techniques

Photoshop Masking Techniques

Creating Selections with Color Range
Introducing Quick Mask Mode
Understanding Quick Mask Mode
Quick Mask Mode Techniques
Saving & Reloading Selections
Alpha Channels
Reloading an Adjusted Alpha Channel
Refine Edge Dialog
Introducing Layer Masks
Another Method for Initiating a Mask
Techniques for Faster Masking
Enabling/Disabling/Unlinking Masks
Finalizing a Layer Mask
Clipping Group Setup
Clipping Group Basics
Real World Clipping Effects

Photo Retouching

Removing Red Eye
Using the Clone Stamp Tool
Content Aware Fill

Color Correcting Photos

Understanding Color Modes
How RGB & CMYK Work
Understanding Black Point & White Point
Using the Auto Commands pt. 1
Using the Auto Commands pt. 2
Getting Started with Brightness/Contrast
Using Hue/Saturation
Understanding Histograms
Correcting with Levels pt. 1
Correcting with Levels pt. 2
Introducing Curves pt. 1
Introducing Curves pt. 2
Non-Destructive Correcting
On Image Editing

Filters & Effects

Getting Started with Filters
Working with the Filter Gallery
Using Filters Non-Destructively
Puppet Warp


Wrap Up


About the Author

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