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Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers Tutorial

Photoshop CS4 is a sophisticated and powerful program that can enable photographers to find, optimize, and prepare their images for output. However, since it’s also used by graphic artists, it contains many tools that are not essential for photographers. This VTC course is designed to hone in on just the tools and techniques that photographers need in order to make their images the best they can be without wasting time on tools that are less suited for photographers. Ellen Anon will take you through the new features in CS4 before tackling Bridge and Camera Raw. You will learn the basics of Photoshop, including layer masks, before you continue on to more advanced techniques, such as adding copyrights, using content aware scaling, extending exposure latitude, and more! Work files are included. To begin learning Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers today, simply click one of the topics below.


Introduction to the Course
New in CS4 pt. 1
New in CS4 pt. 2

Getting Started

Photo Downloader
Creating Metadata Template

Using Bridge

Bridge Interface pt. 1
Bridge Interface pt. 2
Customizing Your Workspace
Bridge Preferences pt. 1
Bridge Preferences pt. 2
Rating & Labeling
Filtering & Sorting
Review Mode
Batch Rename

Adobe Camera Raw

ACR Overview pt. 1
ACR Overview pt. 2

Photoshop Foundations

Setting Preferences pt. 1
Setting Preferences pt. 2
Color Settings
Application Bar
Customizing the Workspace
Navigation Tips

Basic Selection Tools

Selection Tool Basics
Marquis Tools
Lasso Tools
Magic Wand
Quick Select
Color Range Tool
Refine Edges

Brush Tools

Basic Brush Tools pt. 1
Basic Brush Tools pt. 2
Clone Stamp Tool pt. 1
Clone Stamp Tool pt. 2
Healing Brushes
Cleanup Tip
Color Replacement Brush
History Brush
Eraser Tools
Dodge / Burn / Sponge

Other Tools

Crop Tool
Perspective Cropping
Patch Tool
Straighten Trick
Red Eye Reduction
Gradient Tool


Using the Adjustments Panel
Brightness & Contrast
Curves pt. 1
Curves pt. 2
Vibrance & Saturation
Hue & Saturation
Color Balance
Black & White
Channel Mixer
Photo Filter
Selective Color
Other Adjustments
Shadow Highlight pt. 1
Shadow Highlight pt. 2

Layers & Masks

Layer Basics
Layer Masks pt. 1
Layer Masks pt. 2
Layer Masks & Selections
Layer Masks & Pixel Layers
Compositing Elements pt. 1
Compositing Elements pt. 2
Using the Masks Panel
Blending Modes


Smart Filters
Filter Gallery
Lens Correction
Noise Reduction pt. 1
Noise Reduction pt. 2
Render Lighting
Using Multiple Smart Filters
Using Plug-ins


Batch resizing
Sharpening - Unsharp Mask pt. 1
Sharpening - Unsharp Mask pt. 2
Sharpening - Unsharp Mask pt. 3
Sharpening - Unsharp Mask pt. 4
Sharpening - Smart Sharpen
Save for Web Dialog
Creating a Web Gallery
Creating a Slideshow
Printing Contact Sheets
Soft Proofing
Printing pt. 1
Printing pt. 2


Safe Dodge & Burn
Digital Split Neutral Density Filter
Adding Text or Copyright
Extended Exposure Latitude pt. 1
Extended Exposure Latitude pt. 2
Extended Depth of Field
Replacing a Sky pt. 1
Replacing a Sky pt. 2
Removing a Colorcast
Content Aware Scaling
Portrait Retouching pt. 1
Portrait Retouching pt. 2
Portrait Retouching pt. 3

Conclusion & Credits

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