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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended Tutorial

Now you can work with images, film and 3D objects with the power of Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 Extended. It’s a whole new way to work with the industry standard for image manipulation. *Import 3D models from popular applications such as Maya, Lightwave and more to add rich textures and then return those images to your objects. Import video and film to add special effects, rotoscoping, cloning and even traditional Photoshop filters. Create exciting animations from scratch using new and improved tools. Plus enjoy the full functionality contained in the standard version of Photoshop®. Professional Illustrator and television animation art director, Dwayne Ferguson takes you on an in-depth look at this powerful application. To begin learning, simply click on one of the movie links.

*The ability to edit textures is not available in all 3D applications.


System Requirements
External Applications

File Formats

Video Resolutions
Video Formats
3D Formats pt. 1
3D Formats pt. 2
Image Formats

Animation pt. 1

Region Colors
Onion Skin

Animation pt. 2

Global Light
Layer Styles

Animation pt. 3

Frame Animation pt. 1
Frame Animation pt. 2
Frame Animation pt. 3

Animation pt. 4

Rotoscoping pt. 1
Rotoscoping pt. 2
Rotoscoping pt. 3


Blend Modes pt. 1
Blend Modes pt. 2
Layer Masks
Auto-Align Layers
Warp Tool

Measure Tools

Ruler Tool
Color Sampler Tool
Count Tools
Measurement Log
Export Data

Smart Objects

Smart Objects pt. 1
Smart Objects pt. 2
Work with Illustrator pt. 1
Work with Illustrator pt. 2


Asset Management


Import Video
Image Sequence pt. 1
Image Sequence pt. 2

Edit Video

Non-Destructive Edits
In & Out Points
Work Area
Trim Video
Slip Edit
Split Edit
Extract & Lift

Clone Video

Clone Tools pt. 1
Clone Tools pt. 2
Clone Video
Clone Source

Composite Video

Adjustment Layers
Text Properties
Add Text

3D Objects

3D Space Explored
3D Tools
Zoom vs. Scale
Pan & Orbit
Pixels vs. Inches
Rasters vs. Vectors

Work with 3D Objects

Open 3D Objects
Appearance Setting
3D Layers

Textures pt. 1

UV Maps
Procedural Textures
Material Properties pt. 1
Material Properties pt. 2
Work with Textures
Replace Textures

Textures pt. 2

Basic Colors
Layer Styles

Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point
Wrap Image
Wrap Text
Output to 3D

Cross Sections

Cross Sections pt. 1
Cross Sections pt. 2

3D Compositing

Layer Masks
Adjustment Layers
Layer Styles

Google 3D Warehouse

Warehouse Interface
Install Plug-in
Search for Models

Work with Maya

Model a Primitive Shape
Prepare for Texture pt. 1
Prepare for Texture pt. 2
Export Set Up
Open in Photoshop
Edit Texture pt. 1
Edit Texture pt. 2
Edit Texture pt. 3
Apply to Maya Model

Project: Work with Lightwave

Project Overview
Model a Hamburger
Freezing SubDs
Open in Photoshop
Texture pt. 1
Texture pt. 2
Finishing Up

Project: Magazine Cross Section

Project Overview
Frigate Spread pt. 1
Frigate Spread pt. 2
Frigate Spread pt. 3
Frigate Spread pt. 4

Project: Video Effects

Project Overview
Thunder Dash pt. 1
Thunder Dash pt. 2
Thunder Dash pt. 3
Thunder Dash pt. 4

Project: Motion Graphics

Project Overview
Late Night pt. 1
Late Night pt. 2
Late Night pt. 3
Late Night pt. 4
Late Night pt. 5
Late Night pt. 6
Late Night pt. 7

Wrap Up

Review/Final Thoughts


About the Author

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