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Adobe Photoshop 5 Techniques Tutorial

Virtual Training Company's Adobe Photoshop 5 Techniques tutorial is perfect for those who want to expand their skills with Photoshop. This tutorial is aimed at those with prior experience and a working knowledge of Photoshop 5, particularly those who have viewed Virtual Training Company's Photoshop 5 tutorial (ISBN#1889347507). Ian Cowles demonstrates a different project in every chapter to help you learn some of the more advanced concepts and popular techniques of Photoshop 5. Some of the techniques he covers include pillow emboss, floating wood, eye candy, hair simulation, and froth and bubbles. To get started, simply click one of the topics below.

Tips & Techniques

About this CD
Save a Copy
Merge Down
History Palette
Magnetic Lasso
Transform Selection
Feathered Edges
Graduation Noise
Favourite Shortcuts
Painting Cursors
Custom Brushes
Default Resolution
Hide Edges

Wild Type

Type Layer comp
Layer Grouping
Color Difference
Bevel & Filter Layer
Create a Glow

Mobile Phone Design

Setting the Scene
Working with Illustrator
Create Color Palette
Bevelled Panel
Global Angle
Convex Shape
Transparent Panel
Feathered Selection
Pillow Emboss
Inner Shadow
Drop Shadow
Flatten Layers
Create Holes
Layer Groups

Liquid CD Cover

Type Alpha Channel
Filter Alpha Channels
Metal Stamped Effect
3D Transform
Making Water
Riverbed & Stones
Reflection Layer
Displacement Map
Floating Wood

Story Illustration

Custom Gradient
Layer Options
Spinal Mask
Soft Light
Import Illustrator
Eye Candy - Glass
Path as Selection
In Front & Behind
Motion Fade
Stroke Path

Gymtech Logo

Gymtech Logo
Brushed Metal
Path to Alpha Channel
Create Trim Alpha
Hilight/Shadow Alpha
Trim Alpha
Internal Shadow Alpha
Apply Alpha Channels
Path as Selection
Copy Merged
Layer Effects

Magazine Illustration

Create Clouds
Layer Mask Gradient
Screen in the Grass
Get a Head
Hair Simulation
Perspective Shadows

Blend Mania

Transform Leaves
Blend Layers
Metal Image
Typography & Effects
Add Subject & Adjust
Adjustment Layers
Painting with Fire
Layer Mask

Chocolate Milk Carton

Custom Gradient
Froth & Bubbles
Position Pattern
Refraction Map
Liquid Highlights
Adjustment Layer
Type Layer

VTC Artwork

Background Texture
Wave Filter
Halftone Effect
Illustrator Elements
Align Layers
Eye Candy Filter
Layer Group
ZigZag with Mask
Use Grid

Digital Contact Sheet

Reduce Resolution
Save as JPEG
Add Copyright Symbol
Create an Action
Batch Processing
Contact Sheet

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