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Adobe Photoshop 5/5.5 Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop is a world standard image editing solution widely used for web design, prepress production, fine art, as well as digital photography. Learn how to use Photoshop 5 and 5.5 in this Virtual Training Company tutorial. Rita Amladi will start by guiding you through setting up your preferences and teaching you the basics of collage and retouching. You will also learn how to manipulate color, masking, filters, and much more in this tutorial. Go and ahead and start today by simply clicking one of the topics below.

Introduction to Photoshop 5

New Features in Photoshop 5
Using Online Help
Palette Operations
Tool Palette Operations

Navigation Tools

Navigation Tools
Hand Tool
Zoom Tool
Zoom Tool Shortcuts

Painting Tools

Airbrush Tool
Paintbrush Tool
Eraser Tool
Pencil Tool
Line Tool
Basic Painting Operations
Blur and Sharpen Tool
Smudge Tool
Dodge, Burn and Sponge
Paintbucket Tool
Rubberstamp Tool

Palettes and Operations

Changing Cursor Display
Undo Redo/Revert
Setting Color
Color Palette
Swatch Palette
Brushes Palette
Paint Blend Modes

Selection Tools

Selection Marquees
Working with Selections
Lasso and Polygonal Tool
Magic Wand Tool
Selection Operations
Add, Subtract and Intersecting Selections
Composite Selections

Path Tools

Pen Tool
Direct Selection and Convert Anchor
Freeform and Magnetic Pen Tools
Paths Palette

Type Tools

Type Tools
Type Mask Tools

Miscellaneous Tools

Eyedropper, Info, Color Sampler
History Brush
Move Tool
Measure Tool
Gradient Tool
Types of Gradients

Navigation and Image Basics

Navigator Palette
Scrolling the Image Window
New View
File Info Area
Image Resolution
How Much Resolution?
Resize Assistant
Image Size
Canvas Size
Save, Save As and Save a Copy

Setting Up

Photoshop Preferences
General Preferences
Saving Files Preferences
Display and Cursor Preferences
Transparency and Rulers Preferences
Units and Rulers Preferences
Guides and Grid Preferences
Plugins and Scratch Disks
Image Cache Preferences
Assigning RAM to Photoshop
Calibrate Your Monitor


File Info
Purge Options
Action Palette
Automate a Command
Build an Action
Editing Actions and Action Sets
Batch Processing
Automate Commands

Basic Compositing and Collage

Layers Palette
Creating and Adding Layers
Arrange, Align and Distribute Layers
Layer Blend Modes
Collage Case Study
Layer Effects
Grouping Layers
Matting Techniques
Realistic Shadows

Basic Retouching

Rotate Canvas and Flip Command
Transform Operation
Scale Command
Rotate Command
Skew, Distort and Perspective
Free Transform
Numeric Transform
Fill and Stroke
Eliminate Dust and Scratches
Sharpening the Image

Working with a Files History

Stepping Back in Time
Erase to History
History Brush
History Palette Features
Deleting History States
Creating Snapshots

Channels and Color Modes

Bit Depth and Channels
RGB and CMYK Modes
LAB Mode
Indexed Color Mode
Grey Scale Mode
Duotone Mode
Multichannel Mode
Bitmap Mode
LAB Case Study

Color Correction and Image Editing

Image Editing Tools
Brightness and Contrast
Color Balance
Hue and Saturation
Selective Color
Adjustment Layers

Color Manipulation

Invert and Equalize
Threshold and Posterize
Auto Levels
Replace Color
Channel Mixer
Color Manipulation Case Study

Selections and Masking

Save and Load Selections
Channels Palette
Transform a Selection
Grow and Similar
Modify Selection Commands
Layer Mask
Color Range
QuickMask Case Study
Layer Mask Case Study

Fun with Filters

Filter Overview
Artistic Filters
Blur Filters
Brush Stroke Filters
Distort Filters
Noise Filters
Pixelate Filters
3D Transform Filter
Clouds and Lens Flair
Texture Fill and Light Effects
Sharpen Filters
Sketch Filters
Stylize Filters
Texture Filters
Video Filters
Other Filters

Printing and Color Separations

Print Considerations
Page Setup
Print Dialog
Color Management
RGB Setup
CMYK Setup
Grayscale Setup
Profile Setup
Spot Color Separations

New Features in Photoshop 5.5

Tour of Photoshop 5.5
Magic Eraser / Background Eraser
Extract Command
Art History Brush
Auto-Contrast Command
Contiguous Option
New Type Options
Index Color options
Image Automation


Save for Web
Save images as GIF
Save as JPEG
Save as PNG
Ditherbox Filter
Recommended Web Prefs

ImageReady 2.0 New Features

Choosing Web-safe colors
Shape Tools
Layer F/X and Styles
Type Enhancements

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