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Adobe Photoshop 4 Techniques Tutorial

If you are fairly experienced in Photoshop 4, or have viewed Virtual Training Company's Photoshop 4 tutorial (ISBN #1889347280), and want to learn more, then this Adobe Photoshop 4 Techniques tutorial is for you. Andrew Hathaway guides you through various projects to demonstrate some of the more complicated techniques and some very useful tips that will allow you to use Photoshop 4 with ease. To get started simply click one of the topics below.


About This CD
Working Solutions
Imaging Trinity
Imaging Stages
Cloning Layer
HSB Color Picker
Digitizing Pad
Middle Viewing Mode
Nondestructive Image Editing
Extensis Fetch

Blue Dog

Precise Path
Colorized Dog/Background
Adjust Levels
Collar Path/Red Collar
Halo/Layer Mask
More About Paths

Swiss Cows

Intro/Layer Mask
Background Lake Image
Sitting Cow
Cow 2/Shadow Layer
Cloning Layer
Lake Clone/Layer Mask
Sky Gradient

Moving Target

Black Circle
Blur & Crop

Banner 1

Intro/Hand Mask
Bryce Background
Illustrator Type
Place Type
Paint Type/Type Glow
Hand Curves
Color Hand Glow
Difference Gradient Layer

Banner 2

Intro/Hand Layer
Background Treatment
Oval KPT Grad Fill
Layer Mask/Color Paint
Type Layer/Type Glow
Hand Glow/Haze Layer

Gum Shoe

Intro/Canvas Size
Grayscale/Cloning Layer
Cloning Pattern
Leg Path/Paint
Painting Background
Pink Gum

Web Button 1

Type on a Path
Drop Shadow
Hands Clipping Group
Hands Layer Mask
Colored Type & Glows

Web Button

Intro/Copying Images
Layer Masks
Type and Glows

VTC Cover

Intro/Paint Alchemy
Complex Mask
Hue Shift/Shadow

Spiral Cover

Making Spirals in Illustrator
Rasterizing into Photos
Spiral Gradients
Spiral Gradient & Shadow
Finishing Up

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