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Adobe Photoshop 4.0 Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop is a world standard image editing solution widely used for web design, prepress production, fine art, as well as digital photography. Learn how to use Photoshop 4 in this Virtual Training Company tutorial. Rita Amladi will start teaching you the basics of Photoshop 4, including the many tools and palettes available to you. Once you are familiar with those, move on as she guides you through retouching and image editing. You will also learn how to manipulate color, masking, filters, and much more in this tutorial. Get started now by simply clicking one of the topics below.


About this Training CD

New in PS 4.0

New in Photoshop 4 pt 1
New in Photoshop 4 pt 2
New in Photoshop 4 pt 3

Photoshop Basics

Navigation-Zoom & Hand
Screen Modes
Airbrush Tool / Undo
Paintbrush Tool
Eraser Tool
Pencil Tool
Eye Dropper & Color Picker
Color Palettes
Blend Modes
Rubber Stamp Tool
Smudge Tool Movie
Blur and Sharpen Tools
Dodge, Burn & Sponge Tools
Marquee Tools
Crop Tool
Move Tool
Lasso Tool
Magic Wand Tool
Composite Selections
Pen Tool
Paths Palette
Type Tool
Line Tool
Gradient Tool
Paint Bucket Tool
Brushes Palette
Layers Palette
Case Study


Navigator Palette
Image Resolution
File Size Info
Image Size
Canvas Size
Save Options
Navigation Case Study

Setting Up

Display and Cursors
Transparency and Gamut
Units and Rulers
Guides and Grids
Plug-Ins & Scratch Disk
Image Cache
Productivity Tips
Assigning RAM
Actions Palette
Batch Processing
Monitor Calibration
Color Settings

Color Modes

Bit Depth
RGB & CMYK Color Modes
Lab Color Mode
Indexed Color Mode
Greyscale Mode
Duotone Mode
Bitmap Mode / EPS
Multichannel Mode
Mode Case Study
Lab Case Study

Basic Retouching

Flip Horizontal & Flip Vertical
Free Transform
Numeric Transform
Fill and Stroke
Take Snapshot
Dust & Scratches
Quick Edit
Transformation & Guides Case Study

Photo Retouching

Black & White Photo Retouching
Retouching a Color Portrait
Converting Color to B/W
Picture Restoration
Creating Sepia Tones
Adding Depth of Field
Professional Dodging & Burning
Framing Case Study

Basic Compositing

Simple Collage
Floating Selections
More Photo Montage
Imprinting Patterns on Artwork
Realistic Shadows
Collage Case Study

Image Editing

Brightness & Contrast
Color Balance
Hue & Saturation
Selective Color
Adjustment Layers
Image Editing Case Study

Color Manipulation

Replace Color
Auto Levels
Color Manipulation Case Study

Selections and Masking

Selections & Masking
Semi Transparent Selections
Color Range
Masking Case Study
Vignette Case Study
Clipping Path
Transparency Mask
Layer Mask
Clipping Group
Clipping Group Case Study

Creating Type

Basic Typography
Masking with Type
Glowing Type
Screened Text
Chrome Text
Type Case Study

Fun with Filters

Filter Basics
Artistic Filters
Blur Filters
Brush Stroke Filters
Distort Filters
Noise Filters
Pixelate Filters
Clouds & Difference Clouds
Lens Flare & Texture Fill
Lighting Effects
Sharpen Filters
Sketch Filters
Stylize Filters
Texture Filters
Video Filters
Other Filters
Filters Case Study

Creative Techniques

Round Button
Beveled Edge Button
Pill-Shaped Button
Making Cutouts
Colorizing a B/W Image
Tiling Patterns
Adding Fog

File Saving

Page Setup
Saving Files
Image Previews
EPS Format
TIFF Format
PICT Format
File Compression
JPEG Format
GIF Format
PNG Format
Exporting File Formats

Color Separations

Color Separations
Color Settings
Separation Tables
CMYK Preview
Gamut Warning

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