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Adobe LiveMotion Tutorial

Adobe LiveMotion is a wonderful application to use for Internet and Web design. It enables you to create great web graphics with interactivity, animation and sound. LiveMotion uses object-based editing, which keeps all attributes editable and key-framable from start to finish. Author Mark Fletcher takes you through this great application step by step in Virtual Training Company's tutorial. Learn all about the tools of LiveMotion, as well as integration, advanced animation, Photoshop filters, and much more. To get started, simply click one of the topics below.


What is LiveMotion
The Lessons Folder
Creating a New Composition
Object Layers


Sub Group & Drag Select
Crop Tool
Type Tool
Transforming Objects

The Pen Tool

The Pen Tool
Pen Selection Tool
Creating Shapes
Transforming Shapes
Creating Simple Curves
Creating Complex Shapes
Direction Line and Points
Anchor Points


Draw & Combine (pt1)
Draw & Combine (pt2)
Draw & Combine (pt3)
Draw & Combine (pt4)
Draw & Combine (pt5)
Combining Objects
Duplicates & Aliases


Color Palette
Sampling Color
Outline Gradients
Color Schemes


Rollovers & Object States
Creating Rollovers
Remote Rollovers
Preview in Browser

Basic Animation

Creating Animation
Stacking Order
Break Apart Text
Time Independent Group
Animated Masks


Edit Original
Animated Replace
Import Layer Objects
Importing a Sequence


Animated Rollovers
Working with Behaviors
Adding Sounds


Animated Styles
Interactive Styles
Create a Style
Create an Animated Style

Liary Palette

Liary Palette
Add/Replace & Delete Objects
Adding Animations

Mattes & Alpha Channels

Creating Mattes
Alpha Channels

Object Layers

Object Layers
Layer Palette
Layer Opacity vs Object Layer Opacity
Opacity and Gradients
Adjust Palette
3D Palette
Distort Palette
Apply Texture to a Layer


Textures Palette
Add/Place & Delete
Create a New Texture


Sounds Palette
Adding Sound to Rollover
Looping/Pan & Volume
Sounds & Time Independent Groups
Adding Sounds
Creating a Button (1)
Creating a Button (2)
Creating a Button (3)

Advanced Animation

Object Properties
Looping Animation
Time Independent
Interpolate (1)
Interpolate (2)
Make Actual Size

Photoshop Filters

Photoshop Filters
Special Effects
Third Party Filters
Variations Filter


Go to Label - Basic
Go to Label - Advanced
Go to URL on Timeline
Go to URL with Rollovers
Run JavaScript - Basic
Run JavaScript - Advanced
Calling JavaScript Functions
Change State
Go to Relative Time - Basic
Go to Relative Time - Advanced
Load Movie
Append & Unload Movie
Wait for Download
Drop Down Menu (1)
Drop Down Menu (2)
Drop Down Menu (3)


Active Export Preview
Document & Object Compression
Export Palette
Links & Image Maps
Animated GIFs
Auto Slice & Layout
Insert HTML
Batch Replace HTML
Preview AutoSlice Area
Adding SWFs to a Web Page
LiveMotion and GoLive Integration

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