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Adobe Lightroom 3 Tutorial

This VTC course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 for managing, editing, and sharing images. Instructor Helen Bradley begins the course with a tour of the interface and then takes you through the process of importing images into Lightroom and applying keywords to them. You will learn how to find images within your catalog and how to process a shoot to determine the best images captured. After that you will learn how to develop and output images into print, slideshows, and the web. Along the way, Helen will explain the new features in Lightroom 3 including lens correction, tethered capture, Publish Services, and the noise reduction tools. Work files are included. Simply click on the movie links below to get started!


Welcome to Lightroom 3
Introduction to Lightroom
Lightroom & Photoshop
Why Use Lightroom?

Get Started

Find & Use Shortcuts
Lightroom Interface Objects
Customize Lightroom

Importing Images

Creating a Catalog
Working with Multiple Catalogs
Understanding Importing
Import Dialog Basics
Preview Options
Import from a Camera Card pt. 1
Import from a Camera Card pt. 2
Import from a Folder

Advanced Import Options

Convert to DNG
Keywording Images
Adding Metadata on Import
Backup on Import
Create an Import Preset
Tethered Capture
Renaming Images pt. 1
Renaming Images pt. 2
Working with Video Files

Library Module

Working in Grid View
Working in Loupe View
Using Compare View
Using Survey View
Customizing the Library
Work with Folders & Files
Stacking Images

Selecting Images

Using Pick & Reject
Using Color Labels
Using Star Ratings
An Image Selection Workflow


Understanding Collections
Previous Import
Create a Collection
Create a Smart Collection
Using the Target Collection


Adding Keywords
Using Keyword Sets
Spraying Keywords
Adding Copyright Metadata

Finding Images

Filtering with the Filmstrip
Filter on Metadata
Saving Filters
Sorting Images

Exporting Images

Exporting Images
Creating Watermarks
Export Preferences
Editing in Photoshop
Merge to Panorama
Merge to HDR
Merge to Layers in Photoshop
Work with an External Editor

Image Developing Basics

Using Quick Develop
Sync Settings
Save Metadata Changes

Develop Module

White Balance
Exposure/Recovery/Fill Light/Blacks
Tone Curve Adjustments pt. 1
Tone Curve Adjustments pt. 2
Color Adjustments
Working with Black & White
Split Toning
Noise Reduction
Adding a Vignette
Camera Calibration
Lens Correction
Adding Film Grain

Other Fixes

Straighten an Image
Crop an Image
Spot Removal & Red Eye Correction
Graduated Filter
Adjustment Brush
Working with History
Using Virtual Copies
Working with Presets
Find & Install Presets
Save Custom Fixes as Presets
Compare Before/After
Working with Legacy Files

Creative Fixes

Spot Color Technique
Enhancing Skies
Fixing Animal Eyes
Adding a Light Source

Slideshow Module

Customizing a Slideshow pt. 1
Customizing a Slideshow pt. 2
Slideshow Overlays
Identity Plate/Watermarking
Slideshow Titles
Playback Options
Slideshow Preview
Export a Slideshow

Print Module

Single Image Print
Contact Sheet
Picture Package
Custom Package
Create & Use Custom Templates
Printing & Printer Profiles

Web Module

Create an HTML Gallery
Export Options

Publish Services

Publish Services Overview
Configure a Service
Create & Publish Collections
Publish to a Hard Drive


Preventing Catalog Problems
Finding Missing Edits
Finding Missing Images pt. 1
Finding Missing Images pt. 2
Backing Up Your Catalog


Wrap Up


About the Author

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