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Adobe InDesign CS5: Beginner Tutorial

InDesign is the leading professional page layout program created by Adobe Systems Inc. Using it, graphic designers can integrate photographs and graphics with text to create both long and short publications such as brochures, catalogs, magazines, etc. Adobe InDesign CS5: Beginner offers an introduction to the fundamentals of layout & design including page-set-up, working with text & graphics and building basic object, paragraph & text styles to get new users and users switching from other software packages up and running. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


New Features Overview
Using the Included Work Files

Interface Basics

The Welcome Screen
Mac vs. PC Interfaces
Interface Overview
Panels & Workspaces pt. 1
Panels & Workspaces pt. 2
Control Panel pt. 1
Control Panel pt. 2

Navigating the Document

Tabbed Windows
Changing the View pt. 1
Changing the View pt. 2
Zoom Tool
Hand Tool
Power Zoom
Navigating Pages

Page Setup & Guides

New Documents
Document Measurements
Bleed & Slug
Document Window
Margins & Columns
Rulers Guides pt. 1
Rulers Guides pt. 2
Smart Cursor
Smart Guides

Pages & Masters

Pages Pallet pt. 1
Pages Pallet pt. 2
Adding Pages
Duplicating & Deleting Pages
Master Pages pt. 1
Master Pages pt. 2
Page Numbering
Overriding Master Pages

Drawing Tools

Intro to Drawing Tools
Line Tool
Pencil / Smooth & Erase Tools
Pen Tool
Rectangle & Frame Tools
Polygon Tool
Rounded Corners
Curves in Action

Selecting & Manipulating

Selecting Objects pt. 1
Selecting Objects pt. 2
Select & Move pt. 1
Select & Move pt. 2
Direct Select Tool
Frame Fitting Options
Scaling Objects
Rotate & Shear
Free Transform Tool
Transform Menu
Transform Again
Copy & Paste
Duplicating / Step & Repeat

Working With Objects

Aligning Frames
Distributing Frames
Order & Locking Objects pt. 1
Order & Locking Objects pt. 2
Pathfinder pt. 1
Pathfinder pt. 2

Working With Text

Creating Text Frames
Pasting Text
Importing Text
Selecting Text
Applying Fonts
Font Size & Leading pt. 1
Font Size & Leading pt. 2
Changing Case
Scaling / Skewing & Baseline

Paragraph Formatting

Paragraph Alignment
Setting Indents
Paragraph Spacing & Drop Caps
Baseline Alignment
Rules Above & Below pt. 1
Rules Above & Below pt. 2
Setting Tabs & Indents
Setting Default Type
Spell Checker & Dictionary
Story Editor pt. 1
Story Editor pt. 2

Working With Frames

Text Frames
Flowing Text
Text Frame Options pt. 1
Text Frame Options pt. 2
Master Page Frames
Smart Text Reflow
Span & Split Columns
Text Wrap pt. 1
Text Wrap pt. 2

Adding Color

Intro to Color
Color Picker
Tint Swatches
Gradient Swatches pt. 1
Gradient Swatches pt. 2

Working With Graphics

Graphic Displays Options pt. 1
Graphic Displays Options pt. 2
Placing Graphics
Perils of Cut & Paste
Interacting with Illustrator & Photoshop

Basic Styles

Intro to Styles
Creating Paragraph Styles
Editing Paragraph Styles
Creating a Character Style
Overriding / Deleting & Groups
Object Styles

Printing & Export to PDF

Print Basics pt. 1
Print Basics pt. 2
Print Basics pt. 3
Export to PDF pt. 1
Export to PDF pt. 2

Final Thoughts

Wrap Up


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