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Adobe InDesign CS5: Advanced Tutorial

InDesign is the leading professional page layout program created by Adobe Systems Inc. Using it, graphic designers can integrate photographs and graphics with text to create both long and short publications such as brochures, catalogs, magazines and more. InDesign CS5: Advanced follows on from VTC's InDesign CS5: Beginner course and covers: Customization, Layers, Advanced, Graphics & Text features including Tables and Styles, Working with Long Documents, implementing Interactive Features and Preparing for Press. Work Files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


New Features Overview
Using the Included Work Files

Customizing the Interface

Preferences pt. 1
Preferences pt. 2
Preferences pt. 3
Customize Panels
Customizing Menus
Customizing Shortcuts

Pages & Masters

Custom Page Set-ups
Shuffling Pages pt. 1
Shuffling Pages pt. 2
Rotating Pages
Mixed Page Sizes pt. 1
Mixed Page Sizes pt. 2
Multiple Master Pages pt. 1
Multiple Master Pages pt. 2
Multiple Master Pages pt. 3


Introduction pt. 1
Introduction pt. 2
Layers Features
Copy & Edit Layers
Text Wrap on Layers
Paste Remembers Layers
Layers & Master Pages

Working with Graphics

Gap Tool
Live Captions pt. 1
Live Captions pt. 2
Clipping Paths pt. 1
Clipping Paths pt. 2
Alphas & Paths
Object Layer Options
In-line Graphics
Anchored Objects pt. 1
Anchored Objects pt. 2
Managing Links pt. 1
Managing Links pt. 2
Placing ID Files
Library pt. 1
Library pt. 2


Transparency pt. 1
Transparency pt. 2
Drop Shadows pt. 1
Drop Shadows pt. 2
Bevel & Emboss
Inner & Outer Glow
Feathering & Clearing
Warning for Effects / Text

Advanced Text Features

Missing Fonts
Special Characters pt. 1
Special Characters pt. 2
Type on a Path pt. 1
Type on a Path pt. 2
Basic Conditional Text
Advanced Conditional Text pt. 1
Advanced Conditional Text pt. 2
Find / Change Text pt. 1
Find / Change Text pt. 2
Find / Change GREP pt. 1
Find / Change GREP pt. 2
Find / Change Glyphs
Find / Change Objects

Advanced Text Styles

Recap on Styles
Styles Based On pt. 1
Styles Based On pt. 2
Setting Next Style
Rule Above / Below
Character Styles
Nesting Styles
Nesting a Drop Cap
Nesting Styles
Adding GREP Styles
Bullets pt. 1
Bullets pt. 2


Importing Data pt. 1
Importing Data pt. 2
Creating Tables
Navigating Tables
Add / Delete / Merge
Table Styles
Cell Styles pt. 1
Cell Styles pt. 2
Inserting Graphics

Long Documents

Creating a Book
Book Numbering & Sections
Book Synchronization
Cross References
Creating an Index pt. 1
Creating an Index pt. 2
Table of Contents

Preparing for Press

Bleed & Live Area
Live Pre-flight pt. 1
Live Pre-flight pt. 2
Attributes & Traps
Separations pt. 1
Separations pt. 2
PDF for Press

Interactive PDF

Page Transitions pt. 1
Page Transitions pt. 2
Adding Buttons pt. 1
Adding Buttons pt. 2
Adding Buttons pt. 3
Custom Buttons & Creating Destinations
Adding Video pt. 1
Adding Video pt. 2
Adding Hyperlinks

Interactive Flash

Animation Basics pt. 1
Animation Basics pt. 2
Animation Basics pt. 3
Triggering Animation
Timing Animation
Peppers Animated Ad pt. 1
Peppers Animated Ad pt. 2
Peppers Animated Ad pt. 3
Peppers Animated Ad pt. 4
Peppers Animated Ad pt. 5
Peppers Animated Ad pt. 6
Peppers Animated Ad pt. 7
Peppers Animated Ad pt. 8
Object States pt. 1
Object States pt. 2
Export to SWF / Flash
A Word of Warning

Final Thoughts

Wrap Up


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