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Adobe InDesign CS4 Tutorial

By combining extraordinary production power and creative freedom with innovative cross-media support, Adobe® InDesign® CS4 takes page design and layout to new levels. Its advanced typography controls allow users unprecedented control over text and formatting. And with new advanced features such as Smart Guides, Spread Rotation and better interactivity for the Web, users will find endless design and delivery possibilities. In this VTC course, long time author and graphics guru, Brian White, teaches the fundamentals of InDesign before moving on to show professional hands-on document creation and manipulation. From novice to Pro, this course covers it all! Work Files from Photospin.com are included. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the video topics.


New Features Overview

Interface Basics

The Welcome Screen
Mac vs. PC Interfaces
Interface Overview
Control Panel
Customizing Menus
Customizing Shortcuts

Navigating the Document

Tabbed Windows
Changing the View
Zoom Tool
Hand Tool
Power Zoom
Navigating Pages

Page Setup & Guides

New Documents
Bleeds & Slugs
Document Preset
Document Measurements
Document Window
Margins & Columns
Rulers Guides pt. 1
Rulers Guides pt. 2
Guides & Ruler Options
Document & Baseline Grid pt. 1
Document & Baseline Grid pt. 2
Smart Cursor
Smart Guides

Pages & Masters

Pages Pallet pt. 1
Pages Pallet pt. 2
Adding Pages
Duplicating & Deleting Pages
Re-organizing Pages
Rotating Pages
Creating Master Pages pt. 1
Creating Master Pages pt. 2
Page Numbering
Section Markers
Multiple Master Pages pt. 1
Multiple Master Pages pt. 2
Overriding Masters


Intro to Layers
Creating Layers pt. 1
Creating Layers pt. 2
Move / Copy & Delete
Text Wrap & Layers
Layers & Master Pages

Adobe Bridge

Intro to Bridge
Viewing Files
Organizing Files
PDF & Web Output
Opening Files

Drawing Tools

Intro to Drawing Tools
Line Tool
Rectangle & Frame Tools
Resizing Rectangles & Ovals
Polygon Tool
Pencil / Smooth & Erase Tools
Pen Tool
Curves in Action

Selecting & Manipulating

Selecting Objects
Direct Select Tools pt. 1
Direct Select Tools pt. 2
Toggling Selection Tools
Moving & Positioning
Rotating & Shearing
Scaling Objects pt. 1
Scaling Objects pt. 2
Free Transform
Transform Options Menu
Transform Again
Copy & Paste
Duplicating / Step & Repeat

Working with Objects

Aligning within a Frame
Aligning Objects
Distributing Objects
Order & Locking Objects
Clipping Paths pt. 1
Clipping Paths pt. 2
Photoshop Layers
Object Layer Options
Pathfinder pt. 1
Pathfinder pt. 2

Working with Frames

Creating Text Frames
Moving & Resizing Text Frames
Importing Text Files pt. 1
Importing Text Files pt. 2
Text Frames pt. 1
Text Frames pt. 2
Automatic Text Flow
Text Frame Options pt. 1
Text Frame Options pt. 2
Master Text Frames
Smart Text Reflow
Frame Text Wrap pt. 1
Frame Text Wrap pt. 2

Character Formatting

Selecting Text
Applying Fonts
Font Size & Leading
Changing Case
Scaling / Skewing & Baseline

Paragraph Formatting

Paragraph Alignment
Setting Indents
Paragraph Spacing & Drop Caps
Baseline Alignment
Rules Above & Below
Setting Tabs & Indents pt. 1
Setting Tabs & Indents pt. 2
Eyedropper Tool
Setting Default Type

Other Text Features

Missing Fonts
Special Characters pt. 1
Special Characters pt. 2
Footnotes pt. 1
Footnotes pt. 2
Spell Checker & Dictionary
Story Editor
Type on a Path pt. 1
Type on a Path pt. 2
Conditional Text pt. 1
Conditional Text pt. 2
Conditional Text pt. 3
Conditional Text pt. 4
Conditional Text pt. 5
Find & Change Text pt. 1
Find & Change Text pt. 2
Find & Change GREP
Find & Change Glyphs & Objects

Stroke & Fill

Intro to Color
Color Panel
Color Modes
Swatches pt. 1
Swatches pt. 2
Swatches pt. 3
Swatches pt. 4
Applying & Exporting Colors
Stroke & Corner Options pt. 1
Stroke & Corner Options pt. 2

Special Effects

Applying Shadows pt. 1
Applying Shadows pt. 2
Applying Shadows pt. 3
Inner & Outer Glow
Other Effects


Intro – Getting Data
Importing Tables
Moving & Selecting Cells
Inserting Columns & Rows
Merging & Resizing pt. 1
Merging & Resizing pt. 2
Cell Formatting pt. 1
Cell Formatting pt. 2
Formatting Strokes
Adding Graphics & Scaling


Intro to Styles
Paragraph Styles pt. 1
Paragraph Styles pt. 2
Creating a Character Style
Nesting a Drop Cap
Nesting Styles pt. 1
Nesting Styles pt. 2
Adding GREP Styles
Setting Next Style
Style Based On
Bullet Styles
Object Styles pt. 1
Object Styles pt. 2
Table & Cell Styles
Overriding / Deleting & Groups

Working with Graphics

Graphic Displays Options
Graphic Types
Placing Graphics pt. 1
Placing Graphics pt. 2
Perils of Cut & Paste
In-line Graphics
Anchored Objects
Managing Links pt. 1
Managing Links pt. 2
Managing Links pt. 3

Interactive InDesign

Export to PDF pt. 1
Export to PDF pt. 2
Export to PDF pt. 3
Adding Page Transitions
Buttons & Hyperlinks pt. 1
Buttons & Hyperlinks pt. 2

Creative Suite at Work

ID & Bridge
ID & Photoshop
ID & Illustrator
ID & Dreamweaver pt. 1
ID & Dreamweaver pt. 2
ID & SWF Movies
ID & Flash

Other Document Features

Importing ID Files
Creating a Book pt. 1
Creating a Book pt. 2
Creating a Book pt. 3
Table of Contents
Connect Now

Previewing & Printing

Live Pre-flight
Output Options pt. 1
Output Options pt. 2
Packaging for Print
Print Basics

Final Thoughts & Considerations

Using the Included “Work Files”
Closing Remarks


About the Author

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