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Adobe InDesign CS Tutorial

Produce pages quickly and output them more reliably with Adobe® InDesign® CS. By combining extraordinary production power and creative freedom with innovative cross-media support, Adobe® InDesign® CS takes page design to a whole new level. Long time author, Brian White, covers the application’s many tools, page setup, creating and importing tables, text and image manipulation, previewing and printing, and much, much, more. Due to its tight integration with Adobe Photoshop®, Illustrator®, and Acrobat® software, Adobe® InDesign® CS is an essential upgrade from InDesign® 2.0. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the movie topics below.


The ID Screen
The Control Pallet
Customizing Shortcuts
Context Menus
Opening Files
Missing Fonts
Missing Links
Changing the View
Zoom Tool
Navigator Pallet
Scrolling/Hand Tool
Turning Pages
Multiple Windows
Save/Save As

Page Setup

New Documents
Document Preset
Document Measurements
Document Window
Changing Margins and Columns
Baseline Grid
Document Grid
Ruler Guides pt. 1
Ruler Guides pt. 2

Working with Pages

Intro to Pages Pallet
Adding and Deleting Pages
Multiple Page Spreads
Re-Organizing Pages
Master Pages Intro
Page Numbering
Advanced Page Numbering
Multiple Master Pages
Intro to Layers
Creating New Layers
Duplicating and Deleting Layers
Changing Order
Move/Copy to Another Layer
Pasting onto Layers
Locking Layers

Selecting and Manipulating

Selecting Multiple Objects
Direct Select
Using the Control Pallet
Moving Objects
Moving by Numbers
Scale Tool
Scale - Selection Tool
Free Transform
Paste Into
Removing from Container

Drawing Tools

Intro to Drawing Tools
Line Tool
Rectangle/Oval Frame Tools pt. 1
Rectangle/Oval Frame Tools pt. 2
Sizing Rectangle/Ovals
Creating Polygons
Pen Tool
Adding/Deleting Direction Points
Using Direction Lines
Changing Curves
Converting Text to Outlines

Working with Objects

Aligning within a Frame
Aligning Objects
Order of Objects
Locking Objects
Adding a Drop Shadow
Corner Effects
Intro to Clipping Paths
Clipping Paths - Creating
Clipping Paths - Importing
Clipping Paths - Detect Edges
Copying Transparency Effects
Duplicating Objects
Step and Repeat
Compound Paths

Working with Text

Creating Text Frames
Moving and Resizing Text Frames
Text Frames and Master Pages
Creating Text - Pasting
Importing Text Files
Threading Text Frames pt. 1
Threading Text Frames pt. 2
Automatic Text Flow
Frame Properties - Columns
Frame Properties - Insets/Align
Frame Properties - Baseline Offset
Special Break Characters
Spell Checker
Story Editor
Story Editor Preferences
Finding Meta-Characters
Quotation Marks
Inserting Special Characters
Creating Type on a Path
Type on a Path - Alignment
Type on a Path - Effects
Text Wrap pt. 1
Text Wrap pt. 2
Text Wrap pt. 3
Overriding Text Wrap

Formatting Text

Selecting Text
Fonts and Leading
Caps - Super/Subscript
Kerning and Tracking
Scaling Type
Baseline Shift
Paragraph Formatting
Setting Indents
Baseline Alignment
Space Above/Below
Drop Caps
Rules Above/Below
Setting Tabs
Hanging Indents
Copying Attributes

Paragraph and Character Styles

Creating Paragraph Styles pt. 1
Creating Paragraph Styles pt. 2
Editing Paragraph Styles
Setting Next Style
Overrides and Clearing Overrides
Basing Styles on Other Styles
Creating a Character Style
Nesting Character Styles pt. 1
Nesting Character Styles pt. 2
Importing Styles
Deleting Styles

Stroke and Fill

Intro to Color pt. 1
Intro to Color pt. 2
Color Modes
Coloring Imported Graphics
Creating New Color Swatches
Importing Color Swatches
Creating Tints
Creating Gradient Swatches pt. 1
Creating Gradient Swatches pt. 2
Multi-Colored Gradients
Modifying Gradients
Adding Gradients to Text
Using the Color Picker


Creating a Table
Importing a Table
Moving Around a Table
Selecting Cells
Inserting Columns and Rows
Formatting Type
Resizing Columns and Rows
Merging Cells
Adding Graphics
Coloring Cells
Alternating Colors
Scaling Tables

Working with Imported Graphics

Types of Graphics
Placing Graphics
Cut and Paste
Dragging from Pasteboard
Intro to Links pt. 1
Intro to Links pt. 2
Updating Links
Editing Links
Replacing Links
Creating a Library


Creating a Book
Synchronizing Book Documents pt. 1
Synchronizing Book Documents pt. 2
Table of Contents

Pre-Viewing the Document

Viewing Separations
Ink Limit
Flattener Preview

PDF and Printing

Exporting to PDF
PDF Options pt. 1
PDF Options pt. 2
PDF Presets
Printing Basics
Print Bleeds and Slugs
Printing Separations
Print Presets
Export vs. Print to PDF


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