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Adobe InDesign 2.0 Tutorial

InDesign 2.0, Adobe's exciting new page layout application, shares the language of professional designers, delivering unparalleled creative freedom, productivity, and precision for designing superb pages. It works seamlessly with Adobe's PhotoShop and Illustrator applications, providing a single integrated system that does not interrupt your creative process. Among some of the new features are transparency controls, tables, consistent color management allowed by Adobe Core Technology, and InDesign's Long Document support, which is great for allowing the creation of indexes and tables of content. Virtual Training Company author Andrew Hathaway begins slowly by introducing and explaining the interface and palettes of InDesign 2.0, setting up a new document, and how to use many of the tools, such as line tools and frame tools. He then moves on to adding text and graphics, formatting, editing, applying color, importing from PhotoShop or Illustrator, and more. VTC allows you to start learning from this tutorial right away, by just clicking on one of the topics below.


Overview of Page Layout App
Whats New in 2.0
Interface Basics
Keyboard Shortcuts
Help & Contextual Menus

Getting Started

New Document
Working with Layers
Ruler Guides
Stacking Order
Document Grid
Adding Frames
Auto Guides & Columns


Tools Palette
Selection Tool
Pen Tool
Type Tool
Pencil Tools
Line Tool
Frame Tools
Rotate and Shear Tool
Shear Tool
Free Transform
Eye Dropper Tool
Gradient Tool
Hand & Zoom Tools
Fill and Stroke
Preview Mode Button

Adding Content

Adding Graphics
Resizing Graphics
Dragging from Photoshop
Fitting Options
Adding Text
Dragging from InDesign
Using Master Pages
Auto Page Numbering
Editing Master Pages
Aligning Objects

Working with Text

Selecting Text
Editing Fonts and Sizes
Enforcing Type Parameters
Type Color
Threading Text Frames
Breaking Threads
Aemi-autoflow & Autoflow
Text Frame Options

Formatting Text

Formatting Characters
Character Palette Menu
Open Type Fonts
Open Type Font Options
Paragraph Palette Options
Baseline Grid
Composition Methods
Justification Options
Hyphenation Options
H&J Highlighting
Keep Options
Paragraph Rules
Optical Margin Alignment
Paragraph Styles
Redefining Styles
Apply / Change Styles
Deleting Paragraph Styles
Glyphs Palette

Pages Palette

Pages Palette Basics
Adding / Deleting & Reordering
Targeting Vs. Selecting
Island Spreads
Applying Master Pages
Child Master Page
Master Items Layers
Adding Sections
Deleting Sections
Reordering Pages
Master Overrides
Local vs Selected Overrides
Navigating Pages


Tabs Palette
Convert / Add and Import Tables
Selecting Table Cells
Adding Rows and Columns
Table Palette Options
Table Coloring Options
Cell Options
Cell Fill and Stroke


Colors Palette
Swatches Palette
Gradient Swatches
Gradient Palette
Applying Color to Text
Swatches Vs. Color Palette
Pantone Spot Color
Tint Swatch

Vector Graphics

Vector vs. Raster
Pen Tool Basics
Compound Shapes
Outlining Shapes
Inline Frame
Scissors Tool
Shapes as Text Frames
Stroke Options
Type on Path
Overprint Preview

Working With Graphics

Display Mode
Links Palette
Embed and Editing Original
Clipping Path / Edges
Clipping Path /Alpha Channel
Text Wrap
Semi-transparent Effects
Importing Illustrator Files
Photoshop Files
Knock Out and Isolate
Corners & Drop Shadows
Roughing Out Spreads

Long Document Features

Table of Contents
Find/Change and Spell Check
Color Management

Output & Printing

PDF files
PDF General Options
PDF Image compression
PDF Security & Color
Preflight & Package
Export EPS File.mov
Export HTML
Export SVG
Printer Styles
Page Setup
Printer Setup
General Print Options
Print Setup
Marks & Bleeds
Print Output Options
Print Graphics Options

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