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Adobe ImageReady CS Tutorial

Adobe ImageReady CS is a companion program to the popular image editing application "Photoshop CS". For years, Photoshop has been one of the leaders in the graphics design arena, becoming the industry standard for photographers, print designers and game developers alike. While Photoshop handled many image editing tasks well, designing graphics for the Web brought on a new set of requirements. Enter Adobe ImageReady. Adobe ImageReady allows users to optimize graphics and text for fast downloads, create slices and rollovers, animations, interactivity and much more. author Rick Martin, begins by teaching the basic tool set and then moves on to more advanced concepts. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Adobe ImageReady CS lessons.

Welcome and Overview

Welcome and About This Course
What is ImageReady?
Installing ImageReady
Activating ImageReady
New In ImageReady CS

Interface and Setup

Interface Overview
Interface Customization
The Canvas


Image Maps
Guides and Grid
Transparency and Plugins


Toolbox Overview
Layers and Tools
Marquee Tool pt1
Marquee Tool pt2
Other Marquee Tools
Lasso Tools
Magic Wand Tool
Move Tool pt1
Move Tool pt2
Slice and Slice Select Tools
Image Map and Image Map Select Tools
Eraser Tools
Paintbrush and Pencil Tools
Clone Stamp and Paint Bucket
Type Tool
Shape Tools
Line Tool
Crop Tool pt1
Crop Tool pt2
Eyedropper Tool
Hand and Zoom Tools
Foreground and Background Color Pickers
Visibility and Preview
Edit in Photoshop


Palettes Overview
Layers Palette pt1
Layers Palette pt2
Layers Palette pt3
Layers Palette pt4
History Palette
Actions Palette pt1
Actions Palette pt2
Color Palette
Swatches Palette
Styles Palette
Animation Palette pt1
Animation Palette pt2
Character Palette pt1
Character Palette pt2
Paragraph Palette
Web Content Palette pt1
Web Content Palette pt2
Color Table Palette
Optimize Palette pt1
Optimize Palette pt2
Info Palette
Layer Comps Palette
Slice Palette pt1
Slice Palette pt2
Table Palette
Image Map Palette

Handling ImageReady Documents

Document Setup
Image Size
Canvas Size
File Info

About Web Graphics

Bitmap vs Vector Graphics
Color Modes

Layer Styles

Blending Options
Bevel and Emboss

Layers and Compositing

Grouping and Alignment
Blending Modes pt1
Blending Modes pt2
Blending Modes pt3
Blending Modes pt4
Blending Modes pt5
Merging and Stamping Layers
Separating Layers
Masking Basics
Clipping Masks
The Layer Menu

Creating and Modifying Graphics

Painting and Filling
Select Menu
Project - Web Interface
Project - Concentric Circles
Project - Bars and Buttons
Project - Button Text and Alignment
Project - Curves pt1
Project - Curves pt2
Project - Duplicating the Curve
Project - Finishing the Top Bar
Project - Layer Styles
Types of Type
Creating Type
Modifying Type

Slicing, Interactivity and Animation

Project - Slicing pt1
Project - Slicing pt2
Project - Slicing pt3
Project - Slicing Options
Project - Rollovers
Project - Remote Rollover
Animations pt1
Animations pt2
Project - Animated Rollover
Image Map Project - Setup
Image Map Project - Hotspot

Image Adjustment and Correction

Hue and Saturation
Unsharp Mask

Data Sets

Overview and Setup
Organizing Graphic Content
Data Sets
Previewing and Exporting


Understanding the gif Format
Understanding the jpeg Format
Project - Web Page Background
Project - Adjusting Slices
Project - Optimization Setup
Project - Color Table
Project - Dithering
Project - Transparency
Project - Options
Jpeg Settings
Optimize to File Size
Optimizing Adjacent Slices
Weighted Optimization
Optimizing Animations


Exporting a Single Image
Saving HTML Files
Image Maps
Saving Files
Export as SWF
Export as Files

In Conclusion

Wrapping it Up


About This Author

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