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Adobe Illustrator CS Tutorial

Adobe® Illustrator® CS is the essential tool for designers, graphic artists, technical illustrators, business professionals, or anyone who wants to express their ideas visually in print, on the Web, or other medium. Powerful new features allow users to quickly take control of their designs and page layouts. New features include: optical kerning, global paragraph composition, and revolutionary new 3-D Effects. author Nathan Dickson begins with an introduction of basic menus, windows and drawing tools, and then moves on to cover all essential elements of Illustrator CS, making you an expert in no time at all. Take your graphic designs to a whole new level by clicking on one of the movie links below.


What is CS?
New Features in Brief
What are Vector Graphics?

Getting Started

Welcome Screen
Interface Essentials
Getting Assistance
Resetting Mac Preferences
Resetting PC Preferences

Drawing Fundamentals

Basic Shapes
Basic Selections
Strokes / Fills / Colors pt. 1
Strokes / Fills / Colors pt. 2
The Stacking Order


Using the Keyboard pt. 1
Using the Keyboard pt. 2
The Workspace
The Toolbox
Managing Palettes pt. 1
Managing Palettes pt. 2
Entering Values pt. 1
Entering Values pt. 2


Line Segments
The Pen Tool
Drawing Curves
Smooth and Corner Points
Editing Paths
Compound Paths
Optimum Curves
Rules for Optimum Curves


Primary Selection Tools
Magic Wand Tool
Lasso Tool
Select Menu pt. 1
Select Menu pt. 2
The Bounding Box and Edges


Drawing Arcs
Drawing Polygons
Drawing Stars
Drawing Spirals
Drawing Lens Flares
Drawing Rectangular Grids
Drawing Polar Grids
Drawing with the Pencil Tool


Hiding and Locking
Moving pt. 1
Moving pt. 2
Shearing and Reflecting
Transform Palette
Using Transform Each
Free Transform Tool
Reshape Tool
Liquification Tools pt. 1
Liquification Tools pt. 2
Align Palette Pt. 1
Align Palette Pt. 2
Transform Shortcuts

Type Fundamentals

Point Type Tool
Character Palette pt. 1
Character Palette pt. 2
Typography Shortcuts
Area Type
Every-Line Composer
Justification Settings
Tabs and Leaders
No Break and Open Type
Color and Outline Type


Navigator Palette
Document Info Palette / Hiding the Artboard
Smart Guides
Snapping To and Saving Views
Application Preferences pt. 1
Application Preferences pt. 2
Application Preferences pt. 3
Info Palette and Measure Tool


Clipping Masks
Layers Palette
Palette Options
Layer Options
Rearranging pt. 1
Rearranging pt. 2
New Object Targeting
Dupe / Merge / Flatten
Collect and Release
Better Mask Management

Advanced Type

Text Wraps
Type on a Path pt. 1
Type on a Path pt. 2
Advanced Area Type
Threaded Text
Find and Replace and Spelling
Legacy Text
Type Menu Potpourri

Visual Attributes

Stroke Palette
Gradient Tool and Palette
Swatch Palette Views
Global Colors
Custom Patterns
Spot Colors and Merging
Custom Swatch Libraries


Brush Tool and Palette
Calligraphic Brushes
Art Brushes
Scatter Brushes
Pattern Brushes

Special Tools

Paintbucket and Eyedropper Tools
Graph Tool
Gradient Meshes pt. 1
Gradient Meshes pt. 2
Pathfinder Palette
Envelope Distort
Path Menu
Scissor and Knife Tools

Appearances and Styles

Appearance Palette
Editing Appearances pt. 1
Editing Appearances pt. 2
Appearances in the Layers Palette
Graphic Styles Palette


Transparency Palette
Transparency Options
Opacity Masks


Symbol Tools pt. 1
Symbol Tools pt. 2

External Graphics

Embedding vs. Linking
Link Management

Effects vs. Filters

Rasterize Settings

3D Effects

3D Space
3D Rotate
3D Extrude
3D Surface Maps pt. 1
3D Surface Maps pt. 2
3D Revolve
3D Lighting

Saving and Printing

Saving Native Formats
Exporting Other Formats
Saving for the Web
Transparency Issues
Desktop Printing
High Resolution Printing

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it Up


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