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Adobe GoLive CS Tutorial

Adobe® GoLive® CS software delivers what you need to create professional Web sites. Work with Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, and Adobe PDF files directly within GoLive without switching between applications. Maximize your productivity with a creative Web design environment that suits your style. Design without compromise using powerful tools that support industry standards. author Brian Maxx takes you through this thoroughly in-depth tutorial from the basics and new features, to actually building your own site. To begin learning Adobe® GoLive® CS, simply click on one of the Adobe® GoLive® CS lessons.


What is New Pt.1
What is New Pt.2
What is New Pt.3
Using this Training

Getting Started (PC)

Creating a New Site
Exploring a Site
Adding Media
Inserting Text & Snippets
Working with Fonts
Working with Web Pages
Linking Pages
Previewing Pages
Preview in a Browser

Getting Started (Mac)

Creating a New Site Pt.1
Creating a New Site Pt.2
Exploring a Site
Adding Media
Inserting Text & Snippets
Working with Fonts
Working with Web Pages
Linking Pages
Previewing Pages
Preview in a Browser

The Work Area

The Document Window
The Toolbar
The Inspector
The Library Palette
The History Palette
Other Palettes & Windows
Saving Custom Workspaces

The Tools & Menu

Basic Tools
Smart Object Tools
Form Tools
Head Elements
Frame Tools
Site & Diagram Items
QuickTime & SMIL Tools
Object Palette Options
The Menu System Pt.1
The Menu System Pt.2
The Menu System Pt.3

Formatting Text

Bringing in Text
Formatting Paragraphs
HTML Styles Pt.1
HTML Styles Pt.2
Working with Fonts & Lists
Font Set Editor
Spell Checker
Find & Replace
Find & Spell Checker Preferences
Font & Encoding Preferences


Working with Images
Manipulating Images
Alternative Text Labels
Aligning Text & Images
Background Images
Image Maps Pt.1
Image Maps Pt.2
Rollovers Pt.1
Rollovers Pt.2
Rollovers Pt.3


Text Links
Image Links
Linking Sites
Email Links
Working with Anchors
Link Colors

Source Editing

The Source Editor
Head Elements
Syntax Checking Pt.1
Syntax Checking Pt.2
Site Syntax Checking
Document Types (XHTML)
The Outline Editor
Source Code Preferences

Style Sheets (CSS)

Working with Style
Embedded Style Pt.1
Embedded Style Pt.2
Linking to Style Sheets
Managing Style Sheets
Working With Classes
ID Styles
Working with the CSS Editor
Managing Site Style


Creating Tables (Overview)
Creating Tables
Manipulate Tables
Essential Manipulation
Styling Tables
Borders/Padding & Spacing
Aligning Tables & Content
Adding & Merging Rows & Columns
Nesting Tables
Adding Captions
Styling Tables with CSS


Form Basics
Setting up Forms
Text Fields & Labels
Text Areas
Selection Boxes
Check Box
Radio Buttons
Hidden Fields
Submit & Reset Buttons
More on Form Submission
Setting the Tab Order
CSS & Form Elements
Form Field Inventory

Working with Color

The Color Palette
The Swatches Palette
Site Colors


The Basics of Frames
Modifying Frame Sets
Modifying Frames
Linking & More

GoLive Actions

Actions & JavaScript
Types of Actions
Mouse Events
Form Validation
Optimized & Modular
Image Actions

Advanced Page Layout (DHTML)

Layout Grids
More on Layout Grids
Layer Palette & Layers
Working with Floating Boxes
Grids to Tables & Back Again

Site Diagrams

Site Diagrams
Creating Design Diagrams Pt.1
Creating Design Diagrams Pt.2
Display Views
Generate/Submit & Recall Pages
Grouping & Aligning Objects Pt.1
Grouping & Aligning Objects Pt.2
More on Sections & Pages
Adding LInks & Pending Links
Annotations/Boxes & Master Items

Working with QuickTime

QuickTime and GoLive CS
QuickTime Tag Options, P1
QuickTime Tag Options, P2
Video Track Editing
The Track Timeline Editor
Working with QuickTime Tracks

Other Rich Media

Working with Flash
Java Applets
Real System Media
Windows Media (PC)
Generic Plug-ins and ActiveX
IPIX 360 Source Code
Web Pages to PDF
Adobe PDF Preferences

Adobe Integration

Smart Objects
Working with Smart Objects
Smart Photoshop Integration
Smart Illustrator Integration

Site Assets

Site Assets
Page Templates
Creating Page Templates
Creating Stationary
Creating Site Components

Site Management

Site Planning
In & Out Links Palette
Link Management
Fixing Site Errors
Cleaning Up Sites
Site Preferences
Site Settings
Site Options - Publish States
Exporting a Site

More Preferences

General Preferences
More General Preferences
Browser Preferences
Other Preferences

Site Publishing (PC)

Working With FTP
Uploading Content
Remote Editing (Syncing)

Site Publishing (Mac)

Working With FTP
Uploading Content
Remote Editing (Syncing)

Collaborative Authoring

Creating Co-Author Sections
Creating Templates Pt.1
Creating Templates Pt.2
Generating & Publishing Pages
Version Cue (GoLive Import)
Version Cue Admin
Working with Version Cue

Wrapping Up

In Conclusion


About the Author

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