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Adobe FrameMaker 9 Tutorial

If you need to work with FrameMaker (using the Standard Interface) to develop content based on existing templates this course is perfect for you. Bernard Aschwanden will help you understand FrameMaker's word processing and desktop publishing features, recognize objects used in the creation of content, and use the Paragraph and Character Catalogs to format content. In this course you will learn how to apply master pages; work with footnotes, tables, graphics, cross–references and variables, conditional content, text insets, colors, generated files like Tables of Contents and Indexes; build entire books; and create PDF for distribution. To begin learning Adobe FrameMaker 9 today, simply click on one of the video topics below.

Adobe FrameMaker 9 Overview

Application Overview
Adobe Framemaker Conceptual Model
Getting Started
New Files (Landscape/Portrait/Custom)
New Files (Default Templates)
New Files (Custom Templates)
File Management
Application Interface
Viewing Different Pages
User Preferences
Compatibility Preferences
Viewing Preferences
Crash Recovery
Reverting Files
Printing Files

Editing Content

File Edits
Selecting Content
Editing Text
Spell Check
Undoing & Redoing

Formatting Content Using Catalogs

Text Formatting
Understanding Paragraph Formats
Understanding Character Formats

Configuring Page Layouts

Master Pages
Applying Master Pages Manually
Applying Master Pages Automatically

Delivering Files

Publishing Formats
Generating PDF Documents



Working with Tables

Understanding Table Components
Table Types & Formats
Working & Moving Within Tables
Selecting & Deselecting Table Content
Working with Columns or Rows
Row & Column Properties
Merging & Splitting Cell Content
Changing Cell Formats in a Table
Resetting Cell Formats in a Table
Sorting Table Content

Creating & Managing Graphics

Anchored/Graphic/Text Frames
Inserting & Modifying Anchored Frames
Anchored Frames Tips & Tricks
Graphic Frames
Text Frames
Inserting Images by Reference
Inserting Images by Copy/Paste
Manipulating Images in Frames
Graphics Tools
Selecting or Deselecting Graphics
Creating Simple Graphical Shapes
Graphical Borders & Effects
Manipulate Individual FrameMaker Images
Manipulate Groups of FrameMaker Images pt. 1
Manipulate Groups of FrameMaker Images pt. 2

Generating Lists

Tables of Contents & Generated Lists
General List Issues
Building a TOC for a Single File
Building a TOC Using a Template
Building a List of Figures
Building a List of Tables

Generating Indexes

Indexing Purpose & Samples
Index Setup & Configuration
Index Entry Codes
Working with Index Entries
Building an Index for Single Files
Building an Index Using Templates

Working with Books

Book Documents
General Issues Related to Books
Creating Books
Working with Books
Setting Up Numbering
Add & Configure Generated Files

Revision Management

Track Changes
Tracking Text Edits
Working with Track Text Edits
Compare Documents

Hyperlinks & Cross References

Types of Links
FrameMaker Links
Links to Websites
Unresolved Links
Fixing Unresolved Links

Reuse via Conditions/Insets/Variables

Basics of Using Conditions
Applying & Clearing Conditions
Showing & Hiding Conditions
Text Insets
Inserting & Updating Text Insets
Working with Variables


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