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Adobe FrameMaker 7 Tutorial

Virtual Training Company author Mario Leone teaches beginners and intermediate users how to use Adobe FrameMaker as more than just a simple word processing application. Page Designing, Equation Editing, Book Building, E-Book Building, and Web Converting are just some of the user possibilites with FrameMaker. Create graphics using the numerous graphic tools within FrameMaker for page designing. Import Microsoft Word documents and preserve formatting. Expand upon your graphical equations. Plus, no more having to worry about preserving print documents for the Web! To get started today, simply click one of the movie topics below.

Understanding FrameMaker Workspace

What is FrameMaker For?
Choosing Standard or Structured Workspace
Document Windows
Quick Access Bar
Creating New Documents
Converting a Word File
Saving Documents

Basics of Working With FrameMaker

Creating a FrameMaker Files
Opening Files
Saving Files
Metadata in a Document
Printing Documents
Who is Your Printer?

Languages and Structures

About SGML
About XML
About HTML 4.0
About XHTML 1.0
Working With a Structured Document
Adding Elements
Saving a Structured file
Converting Structured files

Using FrameMaker as a Word Processor

Changing and Working With Text
Using Tabs
Leader Dots
Types of Spaces
Smart Quotes & Spaces
Moving and Deleting Text
Spell Checking Your Work
Types of Dictionaries
Find and Types of Wild Cards

Formatting Text

Character Designer
Paragraph Designer
Paragraph Designer Explained
Format Overrides
Font Properties
Typography Lesson
Space Above or Below
Word Spacing
Line Breaks & Line Tool
Importing a Graphic


Understanding What Tables Are
Selecting Tables
Inputing Data
Table In a Table
Converting Text To a Table
Placing Graphics In a Cell
Graphics In a Cell
Table Designer
Tables to Text
Removing Tables
Shading and Ruling
Aligning and Indenting Tables
Table Straddle

Foot Notes & Cross References

Creating Paragraph Cross Reference
Spot Cross Reference
Editing Cross Reference
Understanding Building Blocks
Types of Building Blocks


What are Variables
User Variables
Creating User Variables
Inserting a System Variable
Converting All Variables to Text


Understanding Graphics pt. 1
Understanding Graphics pt. 2
Understanding Graphics pt. 3
Understanding Graphics pt. 4
The Tools
Line Tool
Stacking Order & Grouping
Object Properties
Connecting Frames
Runaround Properties
Distribute and Align


What is an Anchored Frame?
Cropping and Floating
Drop Cap and Positioning
Frame Properties

Dealing with Color

Color Models
Things to Ask Your Commercial Printer
Additive and Subtractive Colors
What Happens?
Ink Application
Printing Processes
Create a Color
Color Separations
Show Colors & Color Options
Knockout & Overprint
Creating a Trap
Negative/Mirrored Image & Print Options

Page Layout

Understanding Master Pages
Using Master Pages
Editing Master Pages
Disconnected Pages
Adding Master Pages
Connecting Pages and Reference Pages


Understanding Templates
Creating Templates
Conditional Text
Planning your Template

Hypertext Documents/WebDocs

Types of Hypertext
Hypertext Commands
Text Hyperlink
PDF vs. HTML Commands
Creating Graphic Hyperlinks


Using Web Works
Understanding Web Safe Colors
Gif or Jpeg Graphics
Setting Up a URL
Using Webworks
Understanding HTML Code/Basic Formatting
Editing Cascading Style Sheets
Understanding the Rules & Syntax of CSS
Creating an HTML Document from Scratch
Embedded and Inline Stylesheet
Creating a Link to a Stylesheet
CSS Demystified


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