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Adobe FrameMaker 5.5 Tutorial

Used primarily for production of long books, manuals and documents, Framemaker is an extremely powerful application that enables you to streamline your book and publication design. Version 5.5 allows you to generate indexes and tables of contents, create layouts with up to 100 master pages, and import formats. Virtual Training Company's tutorial on this application shows you how to do all of this and more. Diane Presler takes you through 12 hours of training on aspects of Framemaker 5.5 such as typography, objects, frames, and cross-referencing and footnotes. You can get started right away by clicking on any of the topics below.

FrameMaker Documents

FrameMaker Overview
FrameMaker Interface
Creating Documents
Opening Documents
Save and Save As
Auto Backup Revert to Saved
Document Display
Context Menus
Page Scrolling

Text Formats

Overview of Formats
Applying Formats
Copy Format Overrides
As Is Settings
Edit Formats
New Formats
Character Properties
Sub/Superscript Settings
Delete Formats


Vertical Spacing
Horizontal Spacing
Line Breaks
Graphics in Formats
Edit Reference Pages
Runaround Properties
Next Para Tag
Side Heads
Heading Formats
Numbered & Bulleted Lists
Drop Caps

Word Processing

Entering Text
Special Text Items
Special Characters
Editing Text
Editing Text Symbols
Find/Change Properties
Spell Checking
Spell Checking Options
Other Languages
Smart Quotes Smart Spaces


Drawing Objects
Object Properties
Text Lines
Selection Tools
Moving Objects
Grouping Objects
Align & Distribute
Snap to Grids
Joining Lines
Set # Sides
Rotating Objects
Flipping Objects
Smoothing Objects
Edit Shapes
Cropping with Frames
Measuring Objects


Frames Overview
Anchored Frames
Unanchored Frames
Edit Frame Properties


Color Models
Color Liaries
Colors Tints
Special colors
Viewing Colors
Printing Colors
Overprint & Knock Out

Master Pages

Intro to Master Pages
Changing Page Layout
Applying Master Pages
Background Text Frames
Headers & Footers
Page Numbers & Blank Pages
Rotated Master Page
Deleting Master Pages

Text Flow

Text Flows & Flow Tags
Side-by-Side Flows
Set Up Multiflow Doc
Connecting Text Frames
Align Columns of Text
Reference Pages


Intro to Tables
Inserting Tables
Graphics in Tables
Formatting Table Text
Selecting Table Cells
Table Designer
Ruling & Shading
Custom Ruling & Shading
Straddle Cells
Quick Access Bar
Edit Rows & Columns
Row Format
Rotated Cells
Convert Text to Tables


Intro to Variables
Inserting a Variable
Editing Variables
Import Variable Definitions
Creating User Variables
Edit System Variables

Importing & Exporting

Importing Methods
Importing Text
Inset Text
Importing Graphics
Locating Missing Files
Importing Movies
Exporting Text
Export EPS Files

Cross-Reference & Footnotes

Insert Cross-References
Text Lines
Display the Source
Editing Cross-References
Creating Formats
Editing Formats
Import Cross-References
Update References
Table Footnotes
Footnote Formats
Footnote Properties

Table of Contents & Indexes

Generate TOC
Formatting TOC
Editing TOC
Special Generating Lists
Index Markers
Index Building Blocks
Editing Index Markers
Sort Order
Index Formatting


Creating Book Files
Add Generated Files
Editing Book Files
Working in Book Files
Import Formats in Books
Generating Book Files

Conditional Text

Intro to Conditional Text
Creating Condition Tags
Applying Condition Tags
Removing Condition Tags
Conditional Images
Conditional Comments

HTML & PDF Files

Preparing for HTML
Using Links for a TOC


Intro to Equations
Shrink Wrapping Equations
Equations in Frames
Formatting Equations

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