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Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Tutorial

Adobe Flash, the de facto web animation package, is a must-have in the arsenal of every web and mobile designer. In this course, you'll discover the ins and outs of creating and managing Flash movies and interactive content. Come along for the ride as we delve into working with Flash's interface, tools, and objects. Learn how to manage shapes, build symbols, and manage instances. Then, follow along with the huge array of animation techniques, including tweened sequences, applying easing, and special effects. Finally, edit your animations and publish your work for the world to see, all in Adobe Flash CS5! Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Course Overview


What is Flash?

Understanding What Flash Can Do

Getting Started with Flash

Welcome Screen
Creating New Movies
Creating Movies from Templates
Touring the Interface

Navigating & Working with Files

Customizing the Interface
Exploring Workspaces
Saving Workspaces
Setting Flash Preferences
Opening Files
Zooming In & Out
Zooming Techniques
Navigation Techniques
Setting Movie Properties
Saving Flash Files
New Features

Getting Started with the Drawing Tools

Pencil Tool Basics
Options for the Pencil Tool
Line Tool Basics
Line Tool Properties
Brush Tool Basics
Brush Tool Modes pt. 1
Brush Tool Modes pt. 2
Erasing Mistakes with the Eraser Tool
Eraser Tool Modes
Pen Tool Basics
Drawing Straight Lines & Polygons
Drawing Curves
Creating Combination Paths
Manipulating Anchor Points

Drawing Shapes

Drawing Squares & Rectangles
Setting a Corner Radius
Drawing Ovals & Circles
Setting Oval Options
Rectangle Primitive Tool
Oval Primitive Tool
Polygons & Stars
Deco Tool
Selecting Objects pt. 1
Selecting Objects pt. 2
Using the Lasso Tool
Merge Drawing Mode
Object Drawing Mode

Working with Color

Filling with the Paint Bucket Tool
Creating Outlines with the Ink Bottle
Creating Custom Colors
Applying Transparency with Alpha
Using Custom Gradients

Managing Shapes

Positioning Objects
Duplicating Content
Aligning Objects
Spacing Objects
Transforming Shapes
Combining Objects pt. 1
Combining Objects pt. 2
Grouping & Ungrouping
Stacking Objects

Working with Type

Point & Paragraph Text
Formatting Text
Creating Multiple Columns
Connecting Text Frames

Symbols / Instances / Library

Understanding Symbols & Instances
Creating Graphic Symbols
Graphic Symbols from Scratch
Creating Movie Clip Symbols
Animating within a Movie Clip
Creating Button Symbols pt. 1
Creating Button Symbols pt. 2
Applying Behaviors to Buttons
Using the Library
Inserting Instances
Editing Symbols

Creating Animation

Understanding Animation in Flash
Timeline Frames & Keyframes
Motion Tweened Animation
Editing Tweened Animations
Using Motion Presets
Editing Animations
Using the Motion Editor pt. 1
Using the Motion Editor pt. 2
Animating with the Bone Tool

Traditional Animation & Layers

Frame-by-Frame Animation
Creating Classic Motion Tweening
Shape Tweening
Creating & Managing Layers
Controlling Playback Timing

Publishing Your Movies

Publishing to the SWF Format
Publishing to HTML


Wrap Up


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