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Adobe Flash CS4 Tutorial

Flash is the world’s leading authoring tool for creating media-rich web sites, web applications, online games, streaming audio and video presentations, animated greeting cards, and much, much more. With Flash, it is easy to create sophisticated presentations incorporating pictures, animation, sound, video, and special effects. In this course, author James Gonzalez applies his many years of Flash training experience to present step-by-step demonstrations and instructions covering a wide range of Flash CS4 Professional animation and authoring techniques. At the conclusion of this course, you will be well on your way to creating the types engaging and interactive web content expected by today’s sophisticated audiences. To begin learning, simply click on the movie links.

About this Course

Course Overview
What is Flash & Why Use It?
New in Flash CS4 Professional pt. 1
New in Flash CS4 Professional pt. 2
Flash File Types

The Flash Interface

Flash Workplace Overview
Workspace Presets
Workspace Elements
Workspace Panels
The Toolbar
The Properties Inspector

Creating Simple Graphics

Overview: Graphic Creation Tools
Lines & Strokes
Object vs. Merge Drawing Models
Geometric Shape Tools
Brush Tool
Pen Tool pt. 1
Pen Tool pt. 2
Pen Tool pt. 3
Text Tool pt. 1
Text Tool pt. 2

Modifying Graphics

Using the Pointer / Selection Tool
Using the Sub-selection Tool
Selecting Objects with the Lasso Tool
Modifying Paths with the Pen Tool
Working with Color Gradients

Using Non-Flash Graphics

Overview: Using Non-Flash Graphics
Importing & Compressing Bitmaps
Compressing Individual Bitmap Images
Importing Images from Fireworks
Importing Images from Photoshop
Importing Images from Illustrator
Converting Bitmaps to Vector Graphics pt. 1
Converting Bitmaps to Vector Graphics pt. 2
Summary: Working with Non-Flash Graphics

Symbols & Instances

Symbol Essentials
Symbol Naming: Best Practices
Creating Symbols
The Library
Sharing Libraries
Using Runtime Shared Libraries
Modifying Symbol Instances pt. 1
Modifying Symbol Instances pt. 2
Setting Color Styles of Instances
Applying Graphic Filters
Modifying Graphic Filters

Animation Basics

Understanding the Timeline
Understanding Frames & Keyframes
Frames & Keyframes Defined
Frame-by-Frame Animation
Setting Frame Rates
Inserting & Removing Frames
Onion Skinning

Creating Shape Tween Animations

Shape Tweening Overview
Shape Tweening Text & Lines
Using Shape Hints pt. 1
Using Shape Hints pt. 2
Troubleshooting Broken Tweens

Creating Motion & Classic Tween Animations

Classic Motion Tweening Overview
Introduction to Object-based Motion Tweens
Motion Tween Presets
Animating the Alpha of Symbols & Text
Cross-fading Images to Create a Slide Show pt. 1
Cross-fading Images to Create a Slide Show pt. 2
Animating Color & Size
Rotating Animations Using Motion Tweens
Rotating Animations Using Classic Tweens
Tweening Effects
Using Motion Guides with Classic Tweens
Changing Animation Speeds by Easing Tweens
Easing Classic Tweens
Easing Motion Tweens pt. 1
Easing Motion Tweens pt. 2
Inverse Kinematics & Using the Bones Tool pt. 1
Inverse Kinematics & Using the Bones Tool pt. 2

Working with Buttons

Overview of Button Symbols
Button States
Button Types
Creating Rollover Buttons
Creating Invisible Buttons
Adding Sound to Buttons

Working with Movie Clips

Overview of Movie Clips
Creating Movie Clips
Editing Movie Clip Instances & Symbols
Animating Buttons with Movie Clips
Applying Blending Modes to Movie Clips

Working with Text

About Flash Text
Text Anti-Aliasing
Text Types
Spell Checking Text
Text Options & Attributes pt. 1
Text Options & Attributes pt. 2
Text Options & Attributes pt. 3
Embedded & Device Fonts

Working with Sound

About Flash Audio
Importing Sounds Into the Library
Compressing Sounds
Placing Sounds on the Timeline
Setting Effects Using the Edit Sound Envelope
Setting Sound Sync Options

Working with Video

About Flash Video
Encoding with the Adobe Media Encoder
Importing Video
Introduction to Video Compression

Adding Interactivity

Overview: Adding Interactivity to Projects
Introduction to Behaviors
Useful Behaviors pt. 1
Useful Behaviors pt. 2
Overview of ActionScript
ActionScript 3.0 vs. 2.0
The Actions Panel
Controlling the Timeline with ActionScript pt. 1
Controlling the Timeline with ActionScript pt. 2
ActionScript for Linking to Other Web Pages
Setting Paths with the Insert Target Path Tool
Converting Animations to ActionScript


Publishing Profiles & File Types
Publishing to HTML
SWF Publish Settings
HTML Publish Settings pt. 1
HTML Publish Settings pt. 2
Creating Projectors & Adobe AIR Files
Optimizing FLA files for SWF Output

Wrap Up

Course Wrap Up
Author Movie

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