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Adobe Flash ActionScript 3.0 for Designers Tutorial

Adobe Flash is the world’s leading authoring tool for creating media-rich web sites, web applications, online games, streaming audio and video presentations, animated greeting cards and much more. Learning ActionScript, Flash’s internal scripting language, is the key to creating these types of engaging and interactive applications. In this course, author James Gonzalez applies his many years of Flash and ActionScript training experience to introduce the ActionScript 3.0 scripts needed to create the type of engaging and interactive Flash content expected by today’s sophisticated web audiences. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.


Why Learn ActionScript?
About the Included Sample Scripts
What is Assumed You Already Know
What You Will Learn from this Tutorial

Your First Script

Project 1: Building Basic Navigation
The Actions Panel pt. 1
The Actions Panel pt. 2
Basic Timeline Navigation pt. 1
Basic Timeline Navigation pt. 2
Basic Timeline Navigation pt. 3
Scripting Convention: Naming Rules
Scripting Convention: Comment Usage

ActionScript Fundamentals pt. 1

About Objects / Classes & Properties
About Methods & Functions
Expressions & Data Types
Writing Dot Syntax
External AS Files

Event Handling & Menus

Project 2: Animated Dropdown Menu
Event Handlers
Mouse Detection
Simple Animated Menus
Complex Buttons
Scripting the Dropdown Menu pt. 1
Scripting the Dropdown Menu pt. 2

Controlling Multiple Timelines

The Movie Clip Class
The Target Path Tool
Writing Absolute & Relative Paths
Writing Target Paths
Project 3: Controlling Multiple Timelines
Targeting Timelines Using the with Action

Communicating with External Elements

Project 4: Preloader Animations
Linking to Web Pages
Opening Custom Windows with JavaScript
Resetting Flash Player Security
Loading External Flash Movies
Controlling Loaded Flash Movies
Loading External Images pt. 1
Loading External Images pt. 2
Using the Event Target Name Property
Setting Up the Preloader Animation
Scripting the Preloader

Manipulating Graphics

The Flash Display List Model
Display Classes & Important Terms
Changing Object Position
Modifying Colors & Alpha
Rotating & Resizing Objects
Scripting Blending Modes
Filtering Display Objects pt. 1
Filtering Display Objects pt. 2
Masking Display Objects
Customizing the Pointer
Converting Tweens to ActionScript
Motion Tween Classes
Motion Tween Properties

Controlling Audio

Controlling Audio with ActionScript
Project 5: Music Jukebox
Sound Classes
Loading Sounds
Playing Back Sounds
Pausing & Resuming Sounds
Monitoring Sounds
Creating the Volume Slider Graphics
Scripting the Volume Slider
Scripting the Jukebox pt. 1
Scripting the Jukebox pt. 2

ActionScript Fundamentals pt. 2

Variables Revisited
Conditional Statements
For Loops
While Loops
Customizing Methods
Using Custom Classes
Writing Custom Classes

Controlling Text

Text Classes / Concepts / Terms
How to Use These Text Script Examples
The TextField Class & Properties
Modifying Text in a Text Field
Scrolling Text in a Text Field

Working with XML

Working with XML in Flash
Introduction to XML
Classes for Working with XML
Loading XML Data into Flash
Accessing XML Data in Flash
Project 6: XML Slideshow
Scripting the Slideshow pt. 1
Scripting the Slideshow pt. 2
Scripting the Slideshow pt. 3

Scripting Flash Games

Project 7 Overview: Shooter Game
Calculating with the Math Class
Converting Angles to Radians
Working with Sines & Cosines
Calculating Distances
Generating Random Numbers
Creating Directional Movement
Detecting Collisions
ActionScript Timers
Creating Entertaining Flash Games



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