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Adobe Fireworks CS4 Tutorial

Fireworks CS4 is a versatile image editing program specifically designed for creating, editing, and optimizing web graphics. In this course, author James Gonzalez applies his many years of Fireworks teaching experience to provide a comprehensive review of Firework’s many features and capabilities. This includes: creating and editing bitmap and vector images, working with text, creating image effects using masking and filters, creating slideshows and animations, creating interactive menus using button symbols, slices and behaviors, optimizing graphics for the Web, exporting, and much, much more. Work files are included. To begin learning Adobe Fireworks CS4 today, simply click on one of the movie links.

Getting Started

About this Tutorial
What is Fireworks?
New Features pt. 1
New Features pt. 2

The Fireworks Workspace

The Fireworks Workspace
Fireworks Panels & Windows
About Vector & Bitmap Graphics
Opening & Importing Files
Saving Fireworks Files

Creating Vector Graphics

Working with Vector Objects pt. 1
Working with Vector Objects pt. 2
Using Auto Shapes
Survey of Auto Shapes pt. 1
Survey of Auto Shapes pt. 2
Editing Paths pt. 1
Editing Paths pt. 2
Creating Graphics with the Pen Tool
Editing Paths with Path Operations

Creating Bitmap Graphics

Working with Bitmap Graphics
Creating Bitmap Objects
Editing with the Image Editing Panel
Retouching Bitmaps pt. 1
Retouching Bitmaps pt. 2
Image Filters

Selecting/Transforming/Organizing Objects

Selecting Objects
Selecting Pixels
Transforming Objects
Organizing Objects
Aligning Objects

Working with Text

Overview: Working with Text
Formatting Text pt. 1
Formatting Text pt. 2
Attaching Text to a Path
Transforming Text
Importing Text
Spell Checking


Working with Pages
Working with Master Pages
Exporting Pages to HTML
Working with Layers pt. 1
Working with Layers pt. 2
Image Masking & Bitmap Masks
Creating Vector Masks
Masking Objects Using Reveal & Hide
Editing Masks
Importing & Exporting Photoshop Masks


Overview of Slices & Hotspots
Creating Image Maps
Working with Slices pt. 1
Working with Slices pt. 2
Adding Simple Interactivity to Slices
Adding Interactivity with Behaviors
The Swap Image Behavior
The Set Nav Bar Image Behavior
The Set Pop-Up Menu Behavior
Using Hotspots on Top of Slices
Preparing Slices for Export pt. 1
Preparing Slices for Export pt. 2

Button Symbols

Overview: Working with Button Symbols
About Fireworks Symbols
Creating Symbols
Using the Button Editor
Creating a Navigation Bar
Using 9 Slice Scaling

Creating Slideshows & Animations

Creating Slideshows
Slideshow Settings pt. 1
Slideshow Settings pt. 2
Working with Animation Symbols
Preparing Animations for Export
Creating Frame Tweening Animations
Tweening Symbol Filters

Optimizing Images

Overview of Optimizing Images
Optimizing Images in the Workspace
Optimization Presets & Custom Settings
Optimizing GIF & PNG Files
Optimizing JPEG Files
Selective JPEG Compression


Publishing Files
Setting Slice Export Controls
Setting HTML Export Options
Defining How HTML Tables Export
Document Specific HTML Settings
Creating & Exporting CSS Layouts
Working with Dreamweaver
Getting Fireworks Images into Dreamweaver
Placing Fireworks Images in Flash
Working with Photoshop Files
Working with Illustrator Files

Wrap Up

About the Author

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