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Adobe Encore CS5 Tutorial

Adobe Encore CS5 is the sister program that combines with the professional, real-time, digital linear, timeline based video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 to author finished projects to DVD or Blu-ray disc, or to Flash based websites. Its simplicity of use belies its powerful feature set that allows not only the creation of completed movies but also slideshow presentations. In this VTC project based course, you will not only learn essential theory behind DVD and Blu-ray disc creation, such as transcoding and bitrate budgeting, but you will also see a practical element in that you will learn how to create a project from inception to finished output. Additionally, related Encore CS5 programs such as Adobe Soundbooth and Adobe Photoshop techniques are employed so that you can adapt your project to your specific requirements. Work Files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

Getting Started

Encore Requirements
Centralizing Assets
Internet Resources
Planning Projects
Installation Tips
New Features Overview


Format Considerations pt. 1
Format Considerations pt. 2
Data Rates
Bit Budgeting
Aspect Ratio Overview pt. 1
Aspect Ratio Overview pt. 2
Frame Rates pt. 1
Frame Rates pt. 2

Set Up

Setting Up Encore
New Project Creation
User Interface pt. 1
User Interface pt. 2
Resource Central
Workspaces pt. 1
Workspaces pt. 2
Transcoding pt. 1
Transcoding pt. 2
Transcode Adjustments

Starting Up

Importing Your Assets
Project Panel pt. 1
Project Panel pt. 2
Properties Panel
Creating Timelines pt. 1
Creating Timelines pt. 2
Simple DVD Creation pt. 1
Simple DVD Creation pt. 2
Actions Explained
Static or Motion Menus
Tabs pt. 1
Tabs pt. 2
Blu-Ray Menu Overview

Getting Moving

Dynamic Link
Integrating Premiere Pro
Integrating After Effects
Using Soundbooth
Looking at the Library pt. 1
Looking at the Library pt. 2
Custom Menu Overview
Flowchart Introduction
Adding to a Project
Complex Project Links
Preview Browser
Preview Browser Adjustments
Chapter Points pt. 1
Chapter Points pt. 2
Poster Frames
Trimming Clips

Menu Making

Menu Principles
Making the Menu pt. 1
Making the Menu pt. 2
Making the Menu pt. 3
Animating Buttons and Menus pt. 1
Animating Buttons and Menus pt. 2
Changing Button Timing
Menu View Function Buttons pt. 1
Menu View Function Buttons pt. 2
Analyzing Menu Templates
Blu-Ray Menus
Creating Blu-Ray Pop Up Menus
Adapting Menu Buttons
Replacing Menus
Styling Text
Formatting Text pt. 1
Formatting Text pt. 2


Using the Timeline
Editing Assets from the Timeline
Scale and Crop
Correcting Canvas Problems
Slideshow Set Up
Creating a Simple Slideshow
Transitions and Effects
Slideshow Properties Tabs
Adapting Effects

Encore for Websites

How it Works
Converting Menus
Setting Up Weblinks
Building the Site
Inspecting the Site

Testing and Building

Adding Audio to a Menu
Using Subtitles
Remote Control Buttons
Easter Eggs
Building the Project


Wrap Up


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