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Take professional DVD authoring to a new level of creativity and productivity with Adobe® Encore™ DVD 1.5. author Doug Sahlin helps users streamline workflow by demonstrating the comprehensive set of design tools, and smooth integration with other Adobe products, that Encore offers. Import and convert source files automatically to MPEG-2 video and Dolby® Digital audio, create and edit menus in Adobe Photoshop® format using a flexible interface and a comprehensive set of menu design tools. Sahlin also discusses outputting projects to all recordable DVD formats, allowing for a wide degree of playback compatibility. To get started today, simply click on a link below.


Welcome to Encore
Introducing Adobe Encore DVD
About Digital Video Formats
About Digital Audio Formats
About DVD Media
Understand TV Broadcast Standards
About DVD Menus
Display Digital Video on TV Monitors

Get To Know Encore DVD

Explore a Typical Encore DVD Workflow pt. 1
Explore a Typical Encore DVD Workflow pt. 2
A/V Formats Supported by Encore DVD
Image Formats Supported by Encore DVD
About Video Pixels and NTSC Safe Colors

Introducing the Encore DVD Workspace

Explore the Interface
About the Project Tab
About the Menus Tab
Editing Menus
About the Timelines Tab
About the Disc Tab
Explore the Library
About the Properties and Character Palettes
Working with the Layers Palette
Use the Encore DVD Toolbar
Customize the Workspace
Set Encore DVD Preferences

Preparing a Project

Planning a Project
Shoot Digital Video for DVDs
Prepare Video and Audio Assets
Preview Project Assets
Create a New Project
Create a Storyboard
Save and Open a Project

Work with Project Assets

Import Project Assets
Scale and Swap Image Assets
Replace Project Assets
Organize Project Assets
Create Project Folders
Rename/Sort/Preview Project Assets
Cope with Offline Files
Use the Encore Library

Create Project Timelines

About Encore DVD Timelines
Create a Video Timeline
Navigate the Timeline
Work with Audio Clips
Set a Timeline as First Play
Create Chapter Points and Poster Frames
Trim Video Clips
Create Image Timelines
Create Slide Shows

Transcode Project Assets

About Transcoding
When to Transcode
About Transcode Methods
Transcode Assets
Create Custom Transcode Presets
Manage Custom Transcode Presets

Create DVD Navigation Menus

Create the Main Menu
Create Menus from Library Presets
Set Default Library Menu and Button
Use the Menus Tab
Edit Menus and Set Menu Properties
Edit Menus in Photoshop
Edit Menus in Encore DVD
Use Blank Menus
Add Text to Menus
Add Drop Shadows to Menu Objects

Create Sub Menus and Buttons

Create Submenus
Add Buttons and Assets to Submenus
Select and Edit Menu Assets
Align and Distribute Menu Assets
Arrange Menu Objects
Rotate and Mirror Menu Objects
Convert Objects to Buttons
Create Navigation Links
Set End Actions
Set Default Title and Menu Remote Buttons
Set Button Numbering and Routing
Set Override Actions
Set Menu Color Sets
Preview a Menu

Create Motion Menus

Create Video for Motion Menus
Create a Motion Menu
Add Background Audio and Set Looping
Create Animated Buttons
Preview Motion Menus

Create Custom DVD Menus

Create a Custom Menu in Photoshop
Create Background and Title Layers
Understand Button Set Nomenclature
Create a Custom Button Set
Import A PSD File as a Menu Asset

Add Alternate Audio Tracks

About Alternate Audio Tracks
Add Alternate Audio Tracks
Create a Setup Menu

Add Subtitle Tracks

About Subtitle Tracks
Add Subtitle Tracks to a Timeline
Import Subtitle Files
Create Subtitles in Encore DVD
Add Subtitle Links to Setup Menu

Finalize the Project for Output

Preview the Project
Test for Missing Links and Unused Assets
Finalize Project Settings/Set Copy Protection

Build the Project

Build a DVD Folder or DVD Image
Burn the Project to DVD Disc
Create a DVD Master
About Disc Replication and Dual-DVD Discs


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