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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Tutorial

Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS3 is the industry-leading HTML editor for designing, coding, and developing websites, web pages, and web applications. Dreamweaver’s flexible workspaces, clean HTML code and deep feature set have earned it a reputation as the tool of choice for Web designers and developers. In this tutorial, author, James Gonzalez applies his many years of experience teaching Dreamweaver to provide complete but clear, step-by-step demonstrations on how to use Dreamwaver CS3 to efficiently create attractive and effective web pages and sites. To begin learning Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 today, simply click on one of the movie links.

Introduction to Dreamweaver CS3

Course Introduction
What is Dreamweaver?
New in Dreamweaver CS3 pt. 1
New in Dreamweaver CS3 pt. 2
Topics Covered in this Course
System Requirements

Site Setup

About Dreamweaver CS3 Sites
Creating a Site pt. 1
Creating a Site pt. 2
FTP & Connecting to a Remote Server
Working With Remote & Local Files
The Files Window
Folder & File Management Tips

Dreamweaver Workspace

Workspace Layout Overview
Dreamweaver View Options
Insert Menu
Properties Inspector
Panels & Panel Groups
Zoom Tools
Guide Tools
Page Properties


Adding Text to Dreamweaver
Cleaning Up Word HTML Files
Formatting Text with CSS vs. HTML
Formatting Text with Property Inspector pt. 1
Formatting Text with Property Inspector pt. 2
Formatting Text with Property Inspector pt. 3
Working with Lists
Working with Text Paragraphs
Finding & Replacing Text pt. 1
Finding & Replacing Text pt. 2
Spell Checking

Laying Out Pages in Dreamweaver CS3

Laying Out Pages in Dreamweaver pt. 1
Laying Out Pages in Dreamweaver pt. 2
Creating Tables in Layout Mode
Using Tracing Images in Your Layouts
Layouts using Divs & AP Divs
Converting Between AP Divs & Tables


About HTML Tables
Setting Initial Table Properties
Modifying Table Properties
Modifying Table Cell Properties
Easier Table Editing in Expanded Tables Mode
Resizing Tables
Adding & Removing Rows & Columns
Splitting & Merging Table Cells
Copying / Pasting / Deleting Cells
Nesting Tables

Inserting Media

Image Formats
Inserting Images
Setting Image Properties
Editing Images in Dreamweaver
Editing Images with External Image Editors
Optimizing Images in Fireworks
Creating Image Rollovers
Creating Flash Content in Dreamweaver
Inserting Content Created in Flash
Inserting Flash Video
Photoshop / Flash / Fireworks Integration

Cascading Style Sheets

Why Use CSS?
Understanding CSS
Creating Your First Style
Setting CSS Properties pt. 1
Setting CSS Properties pt. 2
CSS Styles Panel
CSS Styles Panel - All Mode
CSS Styles Panel - Current Mode
Classes / Redefined Tags / Pseudo-classes
Tips for Applying CSS Formatting
Linking to External Style Sheets
Checking for Cross-Browser CSS Problems

Laying out Pages with CSS

About CSS Positioning
About AP Elements
HTML Code for AP Div Elements
Inserting & Working with AP Div Elements
CSS Positioning Properties pt. 1
CSS Positioning Properties pt. 2
Working with Div Tags


Absolute vs. Relative Links
How Relative Paths Work
Document vs. Site Root-Relative Paths
Linking to Files
Linking to Specific Locations in a Document
E-Mail Links
Testing & Updating Links
Updating Links Automatically

Creating Forms

About Client-Side Forms
Creating an HTML Form
Inserting Form Objects
A Survey of Form Objects pt. 1
A Survey of Form Objects pt. 2
Validating Form Data

Library Items

About Library Items
Creating Libraries
Inserting & Updating Libraries
Library Management Tips

Creating & Managing Templates

How Dreamweaver Templates Work
Creating Templates
Types of Template Regions
Setting Editable Regions
Creating & Updating Template-Based Pages

Behaviors / Spry Widgets / Spry Effects

About Behaviors
Applying Behaviors / Check Plug-in
The Open Browser Window Behavior
The Hide / Show Elements Behavior
About Spry Widgets
Inserting a Spry Menu Bar
Inserting Spry Effects


About Frames
Creating Framesets & Frames
Setting Frame Properties
Setting up Frame Pages
Controlling Frame Content with Links
Determining When to Use Frames

Site Management

Moving / Renaming / Deleting Files
Checking Links
Synchronizing Local & Remote Files
Checking In & Checking Out Files
Checking the Accessibility of Your Content
Making Your Pages More Accessible

Extending Dreamweaver

About Dreamweaver Extensions
Finding Extensions at Dreamweaver Exchange
Using the Extensions Manager

Course Wrap-up

Course Wrap up / Summary
About Your Instructor

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