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Adobe Director 11 Tutorial

Author James Gonzalez applies his many years of Director classroom teaching experience to present this introductory tutorial on the world’s most powerful digital media development tool, Adobe Director 11. Director is the tool of choice for many web designers, game developers, graphic designers and animators for creating online games, 3D product demos, CD-based kiosk presentations, web-based e-learning applications, and much, much more. Using step-by-step demonstrations and instructions, this tutorial covers the techniques and know-how necessary for creating a wide range of interactive media applications. To begin learning today, simply click on the Adobe Director 11 movie links.

Getting Started

About this Course
What is Director & Why Learn It?
What You Will Learn
New in Director 11 pt. 1
New in Director 11 pt. 2
Director 11 System Requirements

The Director Workspace

Understanding the Director Metaphor
The Director Windows
The Director Window Types
Navigating & Customizing the Director Workspace
The Stage
The Score
Changing Score Settings
The Cast Window pt. 1
The Cast Window pt. 2
The Control Panel
The Property Inspector
The Tool Palette

Cast Members

About Cast Members
Using the Cast Window
Using Bitmaps
About Importing Bitmaps
Bitmap Filters pt. 1
Bitmap Filters pt. 2
Creating Vector Shapes
Editing Vector Shapes pt. 1
Editing Vector Shapes pt. 2


Creating Sprites
Sprite Properties
Selecting Sprites
Position Sprites
Changing Sprite Appearance
Sprite Inks
Lighten & Darken Sprite Inks


About Using Text
Creating Text Cast Members
Editing & Formatting Text
Embedding Fonts in Movies
Converting Text to Bitmaps


Frame-by-Frame Animation
About Tweening
Tweening the Path of a Sprite
Accelerating & Decelerating Sprites
Switching a Sprite’s Cast Member
Using Film Loops
Setting Film Loop Properties
Step-Recording Animation
Real-Time Recording Animation

Color Tempo & Transitions

How Director Works with Color
Tempo Channel


Importing Audio
Setting Sound Cast Member Properties
Controlling Sound in the Score
Sound Issues in Windows
About Shockwave Audio
Streaming Linked SWA & MP3 Files


Using Digital Video
Importing Digital Video Formats
Playing Back Digital Video
Working with Digital Video in the Score
Playing Digital Video Direct to Stage
Using Windows Media & RealMedia
Using DVD Media Content in Director
Using Digital Video on the Internet


Using Flash & Director Movies in the Score
Using Flash SWF Files in Director
Importing & Setting Flash Properties pt. 1
Importing & Setting Flash Properties pt. 2
Working with Flash Content in the Score
Editing Flash Cast Members

Working With Behaviors

Behaviors Overview
Navigation Behaviors
Animation Behaviors
Other Favorite Behaviors
Behavior Tips


Director Scripting Essentials
Scripting Terminology pt. 1
Scripting Terminology pt. 2
Scripting Syntax Tips pt. 1
Scripting Syntax Tips pt. 2
Some Basic but Useful Lingo Scripts pt. 1
Some Basic but Useful Lingo Scripts pt. 2

Working with 3D

Working with 3D Content in Director
Converting Text to 3D
Using the Shockwave 3D Window
Using 3D Behaviors pt. 1
Using 3D Behaviors pt. 2

Movies in a Window (MIAW)

About MIAWs
Opening & Closing MIAWs
Controlling the Appearance of MIAWs

Distributing Movies

Proper Planning of Director Projects
Previewing Movies in a Browser
About Distributing Movies & Formats
Testing Movies to Avoid Problems pt. 1
Testing Movies to Avoid Problems pt. 2
Creating Shockwave Content
Streaming Director Movies
Publish Settings: Formats & Projector
Publish Settings: Files
Publish Settings: Shockwave/HTML & Image pt. 1
Publish Settings: Shockwave/HTML & Image pt. 2
About Xtra Extensions
Managing Xtra Extensions

Wrap Up

Course Wrap Up
Where to Learn More
Author the Author

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