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Adobe Contribute CS5 Tutorial

Contribute is an excellent piece of software that allows you to maintain and update a website or blog very easily and efficiently. This VTC course will provide information for all types of Contribute users in a step-by-step format. Authors will learn how to review and edit elements within sites and blogs with a simple editor. Administrators will learn how they can control access to a variety of areas on the website and therefore make sites remain stable and usable for the public. Author Melanie Hedgespeth will demonstrate how to access and convert a variety of file types, such as Microsoft Office files and PDFs. In this course, she will really show you how to fully utilize Contribute so that you can have a site that is collaborative and update to date with text, graphics, video, flash, and much more! Work files are included. Simply click on the movie links to get started!

Introducing Adobe Contribute CS5

Course Overview

About Contribute

Getting Contribute
After Installation

Contribute Fundamentals

Site Workflow
Blog Workflow
Support pt. 1
Support pt. 2

Starting Contribute

Opening the Program
Contribute Startup Password

Workspace Basics

Elements pt. 1
Elements pt. 2
Elements pt. 3
Elements pt. 4

Overview of Websites in Contribute

Connecting to a Site pt. 1
Connecting to a Site pt. 2
Connecting to Contribute Test Site
Connection Keys pt. 1
Connection Keys pt. 2
Browsing for a Page
Editing a Page
Send Page for Review
Administrate pt. 1
Administrate pt. 2

Overview of Blogs in Contribute

Create a Blog
Blog Posts
Blog Settings pt. 1
Blog Settings pt. 2
Blog Layouts
Blog Ads
Connecting to a Blog
Blog Server Configuration
Creating a New Post & Publishing
Editing pt. 1
Editing pt. 2
Editing pt. 3
Compare Page Display Settings
Scheduled Posting
Tagging Preferences
Exporting a Blog Entry
Delete a Blog Entry


Create a New Page
New Page from Template
Copy / Delete a Page
Text Formatting
Spell Check / Find & Replace
Links pt. 1
Links pt. 2
Expiring Pages
Editing a Page in Another Application
Browser Comparison
Google Search Field
HTML Code Snippets
Add a Folder
Export a Page to HTML
Edit a Page on Your PC
Edit a Page from Your Browser
Printing Pages
Page Change Options


Images pt. 1
Images pt. 2
Editing Images pt. 1
Editing Images pt. 2
Linking Images
Hotspots pt. 1
Hotspots pt. 2
Insert SWF
Insert Video


Basics pt. 1
Basics pt. 2
Formatting pt. 1
Formatting pt. 2
Modification pt. 1
Modification pt. 2
Modification pt. 3


Roles pt. 1
Roles pt. 2
Roles pt. 3
Create & Edit Roles
Reviewing Drafts / Tracking
User Preferences


Inserting PDF Files pt. 1
Inserting PDF Files pt. 2
Resizing PDF Files
Converting Documents to PDF


Create a Template
Contribute & Templates

Document Options

Office Documents pt. 1
Office Documents pt. 2
Find & Replace pt. 1
Find & Replace pt. 2
File Comparison
Keywords / Descriptions for Pages
Insert Dates or Special Characters


PayPal pt. 1
PayPal pt. 2
PayPal pt. 3
PayPal pt. 4
Event Logging
Adobe Exchange
Accessibility Features
Compatibility with Other Versions
Spry Widgets
Security Preferences

TypePad Blog

Contribute Connection

WordPress Blog

Contribute Connection

Website Tips

Design Tips pt. 1
Design Tips pt. 2
Design Tips pt. 3
Design Tips pt. 4
Design Tips pt. 5
Domain Names


Removing Connections
Solving Problems

Keyboard Shortcuts

File Menu
Edit & View Menu
Insert & Format Menu
Table & Help Menu


Wrap Up


About the Author

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