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Adobe Captivate 5 Tutorial

Adobe Captivate 5 is an industry standard software simulation program that produces Flash-based files for easy and rapid deployment for users to view. In this VTC course, instructor Mark Struthers walks you through the creation and subsequent production of a literature based information project focused on 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens. Mark covers workspaces to widgets and everything in between so that a resulting SWF or EXE file can be created. Work files are included. Click the movie links below to get started today!


What Captivate Does
Example Projects
System Requirements
Activation & Registration

First Look

Welcome Screen
User Interface Overview pt. 1
User Interface Overview pt. 2
Adobe Help & Tutorials
What's New pt. 1
What's New pt. 2

Looking Around

Adjusting & Adapting Workspaces pt. 1
Adjusting & Adapting Workspaces pt. 2
Preferences pt. 1
Preferences pt. 2
Toolbars pt. 1
Toolbars pt. 2
Filmstrip Panel
Timelines pt. 1
Timelines pt. 2
Branching Panel pt. 1
Branching Panel pt. 2
Document Panel
Using Grids for Precision
Library Panel

Getting Started

Projects & Monitor Resolution
New Projects Setup
Project Type Considerations
Powerpoint Relationship
Setting Up for Recording pt. 1
Setting Up for Recording pt. 2
Software Simulation Recording
Analysing the Results pt. 1
Analysing the Results pt. 2
Style Adjustments
Object Style Manager
Global Style Changes
Reviewing Our Simple Project
Properties Panel pt. 1
Properties Panel pt. 2
Project Timeline Analysis
Recording Tips

Developing with Slides

What Slides Are
Creating a Master Slide
Analysing Slide Properties
Master Slide Properties
Adding / Deleting / Editing Slides
Coloured Slides
Creating Actions
Adjusting Slide Order
Locking & Hiding Slides
Grouping Slides Together pt. 1
Grouping Slides Together pt. 2
Inserting Images Into Slides
Adding Movies to Slides
Slide Video
Controlling Visibility
Quick Review
Using AVI Files
Edit Video Timing
Multiple Video Slides
Copy / Duplicate / Transfer

Using Objects

What are Objects?
Text Captions
Rollover Captions & Highlight Boxes pt. 1
Rollover Captions & Highlight Boxes pt. 2
Adding Mouse Movement
Images & Rollover Images
Text Animations
Drawing Tools
Click Boxes & Buttons
Text Entry Boxes

Working with Sound

Importance of Sound
Adding Music
Background Music
Analyzing Audio Properties pt. 1
Analyzing Audio Properties pt. 2
Recording Live Audio
Editing Audio with Captivate pt 1
Editing Audio with Captivate pt 2
Exporting Audio
Simple Editing in Soundbooth pt. 1
Simple Editing in Soundbooth pt. 2
Optimizing Audio with Other Programs
Adding Audio to Objects
Integrating Separate Audio Narration


What Quizzing Is
Quizzing Workspace
Question Slides Workflow
Quick Setup & Review
Quiz Option Configuration
Creating Multiple Question Slides
Set Pass or Fail States
Random Questions
Object Style Manager


Widget Varieties
Widget Panel
Inserting Widgets
Linking Widgets
Creating a Question Widget

Reviewing & Outputting

Project Output Options
Setting a Published Files Folder
Skin Configuration
Publishing Files
Publish to Print / Email / FTP


Course Wrap Up


About the Author

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