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Adobe Captivate 4 Tutorial

Adobe Captivate is a rapid eLearning development tool for the Microsoft Windows platform that enables users to quickly author professional eLearning content with interactivty, software and scenario simulations, quizzing and other engaging eLearning experiences. In this course, e-learning expert, Mark Fletcher guides users through all of the tools and techniques needed to master the application and "captivate" your audience. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

e-Learning & Adobe Captivate

The Captivate Interface
Exploring Edit View
Previewing a Project
The Captivate Timeline
Understanding Object Timings
Setting & Exporting Preferences

Software Training

Project Overview
Recording Modes
Record a Training Demonstration Project
Recording Preferences
Multi Mode Recording

FMR Panning & Image Slideshows

Full Motion Recording Mode
Working with FMR
Editing FMR Files
Inserting FMR
FMR Preferences
Recording a Project with Panning
Create an Image Slideshow


Recording Additional Slides
Slide Transitions
Lock & Hide Slides
Inserting & Duplicating Slides
Slide Backgrounds
Slides Notes

Text Captions

Insert / Resizing & Moving Text Captions
Working with Plain Text
Adjusting Properties
Caption Timings
Find & Replace

Images & Drawing Objects

Inserting Images
Reusing Graphics
Creating Watermarks
Import to Library
Image Edit
Working with External Libraries
Import Photoshop Files
Editing Images
Drawing Objects
More Shape & Align

Pointers & Highlight Boxes

Exploring the Mouse
Adding Mouse Properties pt. 1
Adding Mouse Properties pt. 2
Insert & Format Highlight Boxes

Rollovers & Zoom Areas

Rollover Captions
Rollover Images
Zoom Areas
Rollover Slidelets
Create Rollover Slidelets


Record in Sync
Record to Slides
Import Audio & Timing
Edit in Captivate pt. 1
Edit in Captivate pt. 2
Edit in Soundbooth
Background Audio
Text to Speech
Closed Captioning Text pt. 1
Closed Captioning Text pt. 2
Closed Captioning Text pt. 3
Export & Podcasts


Flash Video
Text Animation pt. 1
Text Animation pt. 2
More PowerPoint

Working & Interactive Objects

Project Overview
Click Boxes pt. 1
Click Boxes pt. 2
Text Entry Boxes pt. 1
Text Entry Boxes pt. 2
Branching View pt. 1
Branching View pt. 2

Variables / Actions & Widgets

System Variables
User Variables
Conditions pt. 1
Conditions pt. 2
Multiple Actions


Project Templates
Working with Project Templates
Design Templates

Questions & Question Pools

Quiz Questions pt. 1
Quiz Questions pt. 2
Modifying Question Slides
Customizing Question Slides
Quiz Results Slides
Hot Spot Questions
Preferences pt. 1
Preferences pt. 2
Survey Question
Question Widgets
Random Questions
Question Pools Manager
Quiz Certificate
Sim Quiz
Advanced Interactions

Publishing & Exporting

Playback Controls
Table of Contents pt. 1
Table of Contents pt. 2
Skin TOC Settings
TOC at Runtime
Bandwidth Analyzer
Flash (SWF)
Adobe Connect Pro
Email & FTP
Preload & Start Up
MS Word

Reviewing a Project

Send for Review
Reviewing Projects
Comments Panel pt. 1
Comments Panel pt. 2

Aggregator & LMS

Aggregator pt. 1
Aggregator pt. 2
SCORM Publish
Testing & SCORM Packages

Conclusion & Credits

Course Wrap Up
About the Author

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