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Adobe Captivate 2 Tutorial

Adobe® Captivate™ 2 is a powerful software tool for easily creating interactive demonstrations and simulations in a variety of formats including Flash (SWF) and EXE. What’s more, the creation of these products requires no programming or multimedia skills. In this course, author James Gonzalez demonstrates all the Captivate skills you will need to quickly create effective software simulations for e-learning, online tutorials, user support tutorials, online product demonstrations and much more. You will learn how to add to your presentations: text captions, audio voice-overs, background music, and sound effects, video, Flash animations, text animations, images, hyperlinks, and more. To begin learning Adobe Captivate 2 today, simply click on one of movie links.

* Please note that this title provides lessons that are applicable to both Macromedia Captivate 1 and Adobe Captivate 2. The differences are discussed when necessary.

Introduction to Captivate

Introduction to the Course
What is Captivate?
New in Captivate 2 pt. 1
New in Captivate 2 pt. 2
Course Overview
Key Features of Captivate
Typical Uses of Captivate
Resources for Learning Captivate
New in Captivate

Exploring the Captivate Workspace

The Captivate Work Environment
Branching View
Customizing the Workspace
The Size & Position Tab
The Filmstrip
Toolbars & Menus
Recording Movies
Editing Movies
The Library
Working Colors with the Color Picker
Movie Preferences pt. 1
Movie Preferences pt. 2
Customizing the Work Environment
Object Properties Management
Branching Management
Editing & Exporting Branching Views

Recording Options & Tips

Planning Movies
Recording Options pt. 1
Recording Options pt. 2
Recording Options pt. 3
Recording Tips pt. 1
Recording Tips pt. 2

Creating Movies

The Recording Process: A Summary
Recording Modes
Setting the Recording Capture Area
Full Motion Recording
Recording New Application Movies
Recording Custom-Sized & Full Screen Movies
Recording New Blank Movies
Adding Slide Notes
Inserting Content into Blank Movies
Recording New Image Movies
Creating New Movies with Templates

Working with the Timeline

The Captivate Timeline
Customizing the Timeline Appearance
Previewing Slides Using the Timeline Playhead
Changing Slide Timing
Changing Object Timing
Changing Caption Speed
Aligning Objects on the Timeline & Stage
Importing Objects Between Movies
Changing Object Sizes
Duplicating & Merging Objects

Adding Text Captions

Adding Text Captions Manually
Adding Text Captions Automatically
Creating Rollover Captions
Converting Tooltips to Rollover Captions
Editing Text Captions
Creating Custom Text Captions
Working with Custom Text Captions
Importing & Exporting Captions

Adding Audio

Recording Equipment & Tips
Audio Recording Options
Calibrating Microphones
Recording Audio
Creating Background Audio
Using Audio with Slide Objects
Adjusting Audio Volume
Editing Audio
Editing Audio Timing
Advanced Audio Management

Adding Multimedia

Adding Images
Other Image Techniques
Adding Rollover Images
Adding Animations
Adding Animated Text
Adding Animation Slides
Preparing Video for Captivate pt. 1
Preparing Video for Captivate pt. 2
AVI Video & Other Formats
Working with Flash Video
Setting Video Options
Progressively Downloading FLV Files
Streaming FLV Content
Flash Streaming Media Service
Alpha Channel Support

Adding Interactive Elements

Adding Highlight Boxes
Adding Click Boxes pt. 1
Adding Click Boxes pt. 2
Adding Click Boxes pt. 3
Adding Text Entry Boxes pt. 1
Adding Text Entry Boxes pt. 2
Adding Buttons pt. 1
Adding Buttons pt. 2
Adding JavaScript to Boxes & Buttons

Editing Movies

Editing Mouse Movement pt. 1
Editing Mouse Movement pt. 2
Changing Object Layer Ordering pt. 1
Changing Object Layer Ordering pt. 2
Object & Slide Timing
Caption Mouse & Keystroke Speed
Working with Movie Properties
Setting Movie Preferences pt. 1
Setting Movie Preferences pt. 2
Spell Check

Adding Interactivity

Creating Branching Movies
Scenario Simulations with the Project Wizard
Scenario Simulations Using Templates
Using Pre-built Skins
Creating Question Slides
Creating a True/False Question Slide
Creating Fill-in the Blank Slides
Creating Matching Question Slides
Creating Multiple Choice Question Slides
The Quiz Manager pt. 1
The Quiz Manager pt. 2
Adding Zoom Areas
Editing Zoom Areas
The Advanced Interaction Dialog

Linking Movies With the Menu Builder

Creating a MenuBuilder Project
Modifying a MenuBuilder Project
Adding Interactivity to Your Menus
Exporting MenuBuilder Projects

Publishing Movies

Publishing EXE Files
Publishing Flash Files
Publishing Movies as Handouts
Publishing to the Web Using FTP

Course Wrap-up

Course Wrap-up


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