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Adobe Audition CS5.5 Tutorial

This VTC course introduces you to Adobe's recently released Audition CS5.5 which now integrates into their creative suite. Author Mark Struthers will give you a background in digital audio as he illustrates both the benefits of working on individual files in the waveform editor and the way the multitrack view allows audio file manipulation over many tracks simultaneously. Additionally, owing to Audition's tightly integrated video editing facility, he will touch on working with Adobe's Premiere Pro. As the course progresses, effect processing is considered to help improve, repair, and optimize your audio files. You will be able to follow techniques throughout the course that not only introduce you to new and existing features but also allow you to pick up tips and tricks along the way. Click on the movie links below to get started now!


What Has Changed
Creative Suite Links
What is Digital Audio?
Preferences pt. 1
Preferences pt. 2
Preferences pt. 3
Adobe Help Resources

Set Up

First Look Panels and Tabs
First Look Meters and Spectrograph
Navigating Audition
Soundcards and Hardware
Panels and Tabs
Single or Multitrack View
Multitrack Video Operation
Importance of Optimum Quality
Sample Rate and Bit Depth Analysis

Making It Work

Creating an Audio File
Opening and Importing Audio
Import Formats
CD Extraction
Playing Audio
Monitoring and Playback
CTI Synchronization
Properties Panel
Using Markers


Waveform Editor
Audio Section Selection
Copying and Pasting
Cutting / Cropping / Deleting
Adjusting Amplitude
Audio Silence
Reversing and Inverting
Undo / Redo / History

Working with Video

Importing Video
Video Panel
Linking with Premiere Pro
Editing Premiere Pro Audio
Premiere Pro Audio Clip
Premiere Pro Sequence
Multitrack Export to Premiere Pro pt. 1
Multitrack Export to Premiere Pro pt. 2
5.1 Surround Files
In Use with Premiere Pro CS5

Effect Processing

Using Effects Overview
Effects Rack Overview
Choosing an Effect
Applying to File or Section
Multiple Effects
Effect Presets
Effects Rack Buttons
Effect Graphs
Multitrack Effects Specifics
VST Effects

Creative Effect Processing

Multi-band Compressor Effects
Single-band Compressor Effects
Echo Effects
EQ and Filters
Diagnostics Overview
Manipulating Time and Pitch Setup
Manipulating Time
Manipulating Pitch
Audition Algorithm
Repairing Audio
Stereo Pan Effects pt. 1
Stereo Pan Effects pt. 2

Multitrack Editing

Multitrack Editor
Routing and EQ pt. 1
Routing and EQ pt. 2
Clip Editing and Arranging
Nudging and Other Functions
Snapping and Looping
Clip Gain Adjustment
Bouncing Down
Automation and Keyframing

Finishing Up

Saving and Exporting
Creating and Using Favorites
Multifile Volume Matching
Batch Processing


Course Wrap Up


About the Author

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