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Adobe Audition 1.5 Tutorial

Adobe® Audition™ 1.5 is an audio recording, editing, and mixing application for Windows 2000 and XP. Adobe upgraded and redesigned Audition from its origins as Cool Edit Pro, adding a suite of digital video tools to work alongside Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Encore DVD, to provide a completely integrated workflow and a more efficient way to develop high-quality audio. Audition is designed to work in a variety of environments and for a variety of end-users. author, James Gonzalez, demonstrates how Web designers, broadcast and post production facilities, audio designers, video production houses, and multimedia developers can all use Audition to create, edit, loop, and enhance individual sounds and mix them in a multitrack recording environment using up to 128 different tracks. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Adobe Audition 1.5 lessons.


About this Course
New in Audition 1.5
Origin & Uses of Audition
Required & Suggested System Requirements

Quick Tour of the Audition Interface

Audition Work Areas & Windows pt. 1
Audition Work Areas & Windows pt. 2
Organizer Window
Status Bar
Edit View
Multitrack View
Multitrack View Track Controls
Multitrack Session Display
CD Project View pt. 1
CD Project View pt. 2

Setting Up Audition

Setting Up Audition
General Options
System Options
Colors Options
Display Options
Data Options
Multitrack Options
SMPTE Synchronization
Setting Up External Devices
Properties for Input & Output Devices
Setting Up MIDI & External Controllers
Setting Up ReWire Connections

Importing/Recording/Playing Audio

Importing Audio from CD
Playing Audio
Playing Audio from the Organizer Window
Recording Audio
Recording in Multitrack View

Editing Sound

Selecting Audio Data
Selecting Frequencies in Spectral View
Copying/Cutting/Deleting Audio
Pasting Audio
Time Stretching Audio
Adjusting to Zero Crossing Points
Finding Beats & Snapping
Setting Up & Working with Cues
Modifying Cues
Play Lists
Converting Sample Types pt. 1
Converting Sample Types pt. 2
Adding or Removing Silence

Looping Sound

Creating Loops
Calculating Loop Tempos
Setting Loop Properties in Edit View pt. 1
Setting Loop Properties in Edit View pt. 2
Setting Loop Properties in Multitrack View
Loops in Multitrack View pt. 1
Loops in Multitrack View pt. 2

Working in Multitrack View

Working with Sessions
Grouping & Aligning Clips
Splitting & Rejoining Clips
Cross Fading & Inserting Empty Clips
Configuring Tracks
Working with MIDI Tracks
Mixing with Clip Envelopes
Mixing Real-Time Effects

Multichannel Audio

About 5.1 Surround Sound Audio
Using the Multichannel Encoder
Setting Panning Assignments
The Surround Panner
Surround Sound Pan Envelopes
Exporting Surround-Sound Files

Noise Reduction

Auto Clip/Pop Eliminator Effect
Click Pop Removal pt. 1
Click Pop Removal pt. 2
Clip Restoration
Hiss Reduction
Noise Reduction Effect pt. 1
Noise Reduction Effect pt. 2

Equalization Tools

Audition Equalization Tools
Equalizing in Multitrack View
Using the Quick Filter
Using the Graphic Equalizer
Using the Parametric Equalizer
Using the Dynamic EQ Effect

Using Effects

Audition Effects: An Overview
Configuring & Organizing Effects
Previewing Effects
Working with Real-time Effects
Amplitude Effects
Delay Effects
Special Effects
Time/Pitch Effects
Multitrack Only & Plug-in Effects

Working with Video

Linking Exports to Sessions
Inserting & Previewing Video in Audition
Working on Audio Tracks in Video Files

Preparing Audio Files for the Web

Wave Properties Menu
MP3 Compression pt. 1
MP3 Compression pt. 2
Preparing Files for Optimization
Compressing Files with the Batch Processor

Putting it All Together

Final Project: Overview
Final Project: Importing/Recording/Play
Final Project: Looping & Editing
Final Project: Multitrack View pt. 1
Final Project: Multitrack View pt. 2
Final Project: Volume Adjustments
Final Project: Effects
Final Project: EQ & Exporting

Course Wrap-up

Course Wrap-up


About the Author

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