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Adobe After Effects 7 - Rock Solid Foundation Tutorial

Adobe After Effects 7 is the world leading application for motion graphics, hands down. You've seen work created in it for both film and television and been amazed by the quality of effects it can create. This amazing training series will get you up to speed with this industry standard program faster and more thoroughly than you could ever imagine! Chad Perkins is an expert in After Effects with years of experience teaching beginners how to quickly get up to speed creating amazing graphics with this useful and fun application. Chad has a very energetic and humorous teaching style that will not only get you a rock solid foundation with After Effects, but will also keep you entertained the entire time. Also, as a special bonus, included with this training package are work files, sample After Effects projects, tons of 3rd party plugin demos, and even some full version non-demo plugins, including a full version of Red Giant Software's Knoll Light Factory LE, which by itself has a retail value of $199!


Beholdest Thou - AFTER EFFECTS!
Prerequisites: What You Need to Know First
Basics of Animation
Principles of Animation pt. 1
Principles of Animation pt. 2
A Little Photoshop pt. 1
A Little Photoshop pt. 2
What are Alpha Channels?

Getting Our Feet Wet

The Project Window pt. 1
The Project Window pt. 2
The Comp Window pt. 1
The Comp Window pt. 2
The Timeline Window
Preferences pt. 1
Preferences pt. 2
Trick or Treat: Smell My Footage
Trick or Treat: Smell My Other Footage pt. 1
Trick or Treat: Smell My Other Footage pt. 2

New to After Effects 7

New Features Overview
Interface IN YOUR FACE!
Adobe Bridge at a Glance pt. 1
Adobe Bridge at a Glance pt. 2
Presets for Fun & Utility
Presets for Learning
Pixelmotion & Timewarp pt. 1
Pixelmotion & Timewarp pt. 2
Hey! Look at Those Curves!
HDRI & Bits Explained
Old Open GL & New Open GL

Making Magic with After Effects!

Intro to "T.R.A.P.S." & Animation
T.R.A.P.S. are Your Friend (Part T)
T.R.A.P.S. are Your Friend (Part R)
T.R.A.P.S. are Your Friend (Part A)
T.R.A.P.S. are Your Friend (Part P)
T.R.A.P.S. are Your Friend (Part S)

Making Better Magic with After Effects!

Kneel Before Zod (and Solids)
Effects Appetizer pt. 1
Effects Appetizer pt. 2
Adjustment Layers
Helpers pt. 1
Helpers pt. 2
Mattes pt. 1
Mattes pt. 2
Layer Transfer Modes Essentials pt. 1
Layer Transfer Modes Essentials pt. 2
Easing Does It pt. 1
Easing Does It pt. 2
Other Keyframe Interpolations
Motion Paths
Bringing in Motion Paths from Illustrator
Previewing Animations & RAM Preview
Parenting Basics
Work Areas & Layer Markers
The Uber Shortcut & Co.
Text in AE

A Little Video Editing

In/Out Points & Trimming
The Layer Panel

All About the Effects

Effects H-E-L-P!
Creativity is King
Blurs pt. 1
Blurs pt. 2
Fractal Noise
Displacement Map
Lightning Goes to College
Lens Flares pt. 1
Lens Flares pt. 2
Light Rays & Sweeps
Color Effects pt. 1
Color Effects pt. 2
Foam pt. 1
Foam pt. 2
Distortions pt. 1
Distortions pt. 2
Keying Crash Course pt. 1
Keying Crash Course pt. 2
Shape Effects
Radio Waves
Vegas pt. 1
Vegas pt. 2
Cell Pattern
You've Reached a New Glow
3rd Party Plug-in Party pt. 1
3rd Party Plug-in Party pt. 2

It's a Mask World

Intro to Masking
Mask Options
Pierre Bez-YAY!
Animating Masks

The Hills are Alive - Audio in AE

Intro to Audio in AE
Kiss My Asterisk
Audio Effects
Convert Audio to Keyframes

Bumping Up Your Game

Using Multiple Effects Together
Advanced Animation in AE 7
Painting in After Effects

Can't Someone Else Do It?

Automating After Effects
Keyframe Assistants pt. 1
Keyframe Assistants pt. 2
Text Message Your Animation?

The Power of Gray

Goodbye Blue Skies & Hello Gray
Maps for Effects
Maps for Transitions


Rendering 101
Render Queue Preferences pt. 1
Render Queue Preferences pt. 2
Make Template
Exporting a Layered Photoshop File
DON'T FORGET - Alphas & Audio
Essential File Formats
Final Rendering Thoughts

Say Hello to AE's Little Friends

AE & Photoshop
AE & Illustrator
AE & Flash
AE & Premiere & Dynamic Link
AE & Encore DVD
AE & 3D Programs

Where Do We Go Now?

Intro to Advanced AE
Intro to 3D pt. 1
Intro to 3D pt. 2
Intro to Expressions pt. 1
Intro to Expressions pt. 2

Auf Wiedersehen

To Pro or Not to Pro
How to Buy AE Cheap
About Chad Perkins
Closing Thoughts

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