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Adobe After Effects 6 Tutorial

Adobe® After Effects® is the essential tool for creating motion graphics and visual effects for film, video, DVD, and the Web. Offering unmatched integration with Adobe Premiere® Pro, Photoshop® CS, Adobe Encore™ DVD, Adobe Audition™, and Illustrator® CS software, After Effects provides users the speed, precision, and power to be visually innovative while meeting production challenges and delivering quality results. author, Nathan Dickson, begins the tutorial with in-depth lessons on interface layout and typical workflows, before providing lessons on composition, animation, motion control, color correction, audio editing, rendering, and much more! Work files are also included with the tutorial. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Adobe After Effects 6 lessons.


What is After Effects?
Typical Workflows
New in Version 6
System Requirements


The Workspace
Customizing the Workspace
Managing Palettes
Application Preferences
Getting Assistance


The Project Window
Project Settings
Importing Fundamentals
Importing Layered Images
Importing Alpha Channels
Project Window Management


Defining a Composition
Composition Settings pt. 1
Composition Settings pt. 2
Compositions from Footage
Timeline Window
Composition Window


Layer Properties
Introduction to Keyframes
Keyframe Manipulation
Property Shortcut Keys
Animating Multiple Properties
Keyframe Shortcut Keys
Using the Anchor Point
Editing Motion Paths

Previewing Movies

Time Controls Palette
RAM Preview
RAM Preview Options
Faster Previews

Motion Control

Spatial Interpolation
Temporal Interpolation
Speed Graphs pt. 1
Speed Graphs pt. 2
Motion Path Settings


Layer Stacking Order
Layer Labelling
Locking and Shy Layers
In and Out Points
Sequencing Layers
Solid Layers
Layer Blending Modes
Splitting Layers
Aligning and Replacing Layers

Text Layers

Character Palette
Paragraph Palette
Animating Text
Range Selector pt. 1
Range Selector pt. 2
Range Selector pt. 3
Wiggly Selector
Combining Selectors


How to Paint
Paint Palettes
Eraser Tool
Clone Tool

Time Travel

Stretching Time
Remapping Time
Interpret Footage


Assigning Children to Parents
Importance of Anchors
Parenting of Compositions
Null Objects


Mask Fundamentals
Pen Tool
Mask Properties
Mask Modes
Animating Masks
Masks and Text


Alpha Channels
Alpha Track Mattes
Luminance Track Mattes

Visual Effects

How to Use Effects
Color Correction
Transition Effects
Blur Effects
Distortion Effects
Chroma Key Effects
Adjustment Layers
Overriding Rendering Order

3D Layers

3D Layers and Properties
3D Camera
3D Lighting
3D Animation


Previewing Audio
Manipulating Audio
Synchronized Audio
Audio Effects


Rendering Fundamentals
Render Settings pt. 1
Render Settings pt. 2
Interlaced Rendering
Rendering Pulldown
Rendering Presets
Output Options pt. 1
Output Options pt. 2
Rendering Proxies


Wrapping it Up


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