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Adobe After Effects 6.5 Advanced Tutorial

Adobe After Effects 6.5 is the standard for professional motion graphics, compositing and animation from the acknowledged world leader in graphics software, Adobe Systems, Inc. It is affectionately known as "Photoshop in motion" by those who use it daily. It is employed by Hollywood film production companies, independent filmmakers, major television studios, local television stations and anyone interested in motion graphics. This tutorial, by motion graphics expert and author Nathan Dickson, is the companion to the beginner-level After Effects 6 Tutorial and will take your understanding to a more advanced level. Work files are included so that you can follow along and interact with the files Nathan shows you in the training. To begin learning today, simply click on one of the Adobe After Effects 6.5 Advanced lessons.

Advanced Introduction

About this Tutorial
New in 6.5
Installing on Windows
Installing on Macintosh

Importing Footage

Video pt. 1
Video pt. 2
Straight vs. Pre-Multiplied
Proxies pt. 1
Proxies pt. 2

Tools for Designers

Safe Zones
Grids pt. 1
Grids pt. 2
Align & Distribute
Rulers & Guides
Guide Layers

Technical Issues

Fast Previews
Using OpenGL
High Dynamic Range Color
Linear Colorspace
Pixel Aspect Ratios
Field Reversals
Memory & Disk Cache
Color Calibration
Temporal Weirdness


Comp Window Tips
Timeline Window Tips
Exponential Scaling pt. 1
Exponential Scaling pt. 2
Motion Sketch & The Smoother
Surgical Precision

Learning Expressions

Intro to Expression
Expression Basics
Return Types
Syntax Errors
Soft Coding
Pick-Whip pt. 1
Pick-Whip pt. 2
Basic Math
Wiggle Function pt. 1
Wiggle Function pt. 2
Expression Variables pt. 1
Expression Variables pt. 2
Expression Language Menu
Expression Controls
Objects pt. 1
Objects pt. 2
Peeking Inside Arrays
Expression Comments
Learning Expressions Wrap-Up

Advanced Expression Concepts

Intro to Advanced Expressions
Circular Motion
Inverse Kinematics
Stateful Environment


Text and Interlacing
Scrolling Text and Interlacing
Fill and Stroke Options
Inter-Character Blending Modes
Anchor Point Groupings
Random Order
Expression Selector
Text Animation Presets

Track and Stabilize

Tracking Motion
Matchmoving via Expressions
Fine-Tuning Track Points
Resolving Tracking Problems
Extrapolate Motion
Tracking Beyond Footage Edges
Rotation and Scale
Corner Pinning pt. 1
Corner Pinning pt. 2
Third-Party Stabilization Tools


Standard Keying Effects
Video Sample Formats
Professional Keying Effects
Intro to Keylight
Keylight Viewing Modes
Keylight Balance & Bias
Keylight Color Correction

Advanced 3D

Camera Motion pt. 1
Camera Motion pt. 2
Camera Motion pt. 3
Building a 3D Model
Rigging a 3D Model
Animating a 3D Model

Wrap Up

Wrap Up


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