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Adobe Acrobat X Tutorial

Ready to delve into the world of Acrobat? In this VTC course, author Geoff Blake introduces you to the latest version of Acrobat and guides you through the steps necessary to become proficient in the newly revised interface of version X. Learn how to navigate through the tools and panels, manage pages and files, remove and replace pages, and extract different types of content. Geoff will also demonstrate how to add interactivity and multimedia to your PDF documents, making them easy to use and media rich. Finally, you will discover how to utilize the commenting and annotation tools, and how to efficiently manage, import, and export annotation. Work files are included. Get started now by clicking on one of the movie links below!



About Acrobat & the PDF File Format

Understanding the Role of PDFs
PDF Myths

Getting Around Inside Acrobat

Welcome Screen
Interface pt. 1
Interface pt. 2
Navigation Panes
Customizing the Interface
Customizing Acrobat Quick Tools
Adjusting Magnification
Navigation within Files pt. 1
Navigation within Files pt. 2
Navigating with the Pages Pane
Using the New Reading Mode
Splitting the View
Viewing Document Properties

Moving/Extracting/Deleting Pages

Inserting Pages
Deleting Pages
Rotating the View
Saving Rotated Pages
Replacing Pages
Undoing Changes with Revert
Extracting Pages
Using the Split Document Command
Reordering with the Pages Panel


Adding Headers & Footers to a PDF
Editing Headers & Footers
Removing Headers & Footers
Inserting a Watermark
Editing & Removing Watermarks
Backgrounds Versus Watermarks
Numbering Pages

Reducing PDF File Size

Using the Reduce File Size Command
Using the PDF Optimizer

Adding Security to PDFs

Applying Open & Permissions Passwords
Testing Your Applied Security
Removing Security from Files

Extracting Content from PDFs

Copying Text from PDFs
Copying Graphics
Using the Snapshot Tool
Converting PDFs to Word pt. 1
Converting PDFs to Word pt. 2
Saving PDFs into Text Formats
Saving PDFs into Image Formats
Saving Individual Images
Exporting All Images

Creating PDF Files

Using the Acrobat Print Driver
Creating PDFs within Mac OS
Creating PDFs within Applications pt. 1
Creating PDFs within Applications pt. 2
Creating PDFs of Varying Quality pt. 1
Creating PDFs of Varying Quality pt. 2
Opening Files as PDFs in Acrobat
Creating PDFs from Multiple Files
Converting Scans to Searchable Text
Capturing Web Pages as PDFs

Building Navigational Bookmarks

How Bookmarks Work in Acrobat
Creating Bookmarks
Creating Bookmarks from Structure pt. 1
Creating Bookmarks from Structure pt. 2
Generating Bookmarks from Styles pt. 1
Generating Bookmarks from Styles pt. 2
Adjusting the Bookmark Destination
Deleting & Renaming Bookmarks
Sorting & Creating Nested Bookmarks
Automatically Opening the Bookmarks
Interactive Bookmark Functions pt. 1
Interactive Bookmark Functions pt. 2
Interactive Bookmark Functions pt. 3
Creating a Bookmark to Send Email

Creating Hyperlinks in PDFs

Introducing Hyperlinks
Creating Navigation Links pt. 1
Creating Navigation Links pt. 2
Using Links to Open Files
Creating Links to Control Acrobat pt. 1
Creating Links to Control Acrobat pt. 2

Adding Audio & Video in Acrobat

Adding Audio Via the Sound Tool
Adding Audio Using the Link Tool
Inserting Video Files
Customizing Video Playback

Commenting Tools

Sticky Note Tool pt. 1
Sticky Note Tool pt. 2
Insert Text Tool
Additional Text Edit Tools
Additional Annotation Tools
Stamp Tool
Drawing Markup Tools
Managing Comments in the Comments List
Exporting Comments for Other Users
Summarizing Comments


Wrap Up


About the Author

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