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Adobe Acrobat 6 Tutorial

Adobe® Acrobat® is the standard for document review, exchange and distribution. Adopted by both governments and corporate entities worldwide, Adobe Acrobat provides fast, secure and reliable formatting in the Portable Document Format (PDF). In this VTC tutorial on Adobe Acrobat 6, users will learn how to create, manage and share PDF documents, add security and much more. To begin learning today, click on a movie topic below.

Introducing Acrobat 6.0

VTC Tutorial Introduction
What is Acrobat?
Electronic Publishing
New in Acrobat 6.0?
Acrobat Components
Adobe Reader

Navigate The Acrobat Workspace

Acrobat Menu bars
Acrobat Tool Groups pt. 1
Acrobat Tool Groups pt. 2
The Document Pane
The Navigation Pane
The How To? Pane
Customize Acrobat
Acrobat Assistance
Set Acrobat Preferences

Navigate a PDF Document

Use Bookmarks
Use Thumbnails
Change Views
Change Document Magnification
View Multiple Documents
Search a Document
Search a PDF Index
Conduct an Advanced Search
Print a PDF Document

Create PDF Documents

Use the Create PDF Command
Create PDFs from Multiple Files
Save PDF Documents
Use the Save As Command
Export Text and Graphics
Use Acrobat Distiller

Create PDFs in Authoring Applications

Create PDF Documents in MS Office Apps
E-mail a PDF from a MS Office Application
Change Adobe PDF Settings pt. 1
Change Adobe PDF Settings pt. 2
Create Custom Adobe PDF Settings pt. 1
Create Custom Adobe PDF Settings pt. 2
Create PDFs in Adobe Applications
Create PDFs in Illustration Applications
Using an Application Print Command

Capture PDF Documents

Capture PDFs from Your Scanner
Capture PDFs as Searchable Text
Create PDFs from Digital Cameras
Capture PDFs from the Web
Append PDFs Captured from Web Pages
Set Web Page Conversion Options
Set Web Capture Preferences
Use the Snapshot Tool

Add Navigation to PDF Documents

Create Bookmarks pt. 1
Create Bookmarks pt. 2
Use The Pages Tab pt. 1
Use The Pages Tab pt. 2
Edit Links
Use The Links Tool

Create Interactive PDF Documents

Add Interactivity with Actions
Set Page Actions
Use JavaScript pt. 1
Use JavaScript pt. 2
Use the Article Tool pt. 1
Use the Article Tool pt. 2
Use the Article Tool pt. 3
Use Named Destinations

Edit PDF Documents

Edit with Thumbnails pt. 1
Edit with Thumbnails pt. 2
Edit pages with Menu Commands
Crop Pages
Append PDF Documents
Add a Watermark
Add Headers and Footers
Touch Up PDF Documents

Review PDF Documents

Initiate an E-mail Review
Use the Review Tracker
Use the Comments Tab
Use the Commenting Tools pt. 1
Use the Commenting Tools pt. 2
Use the Commenting Tools pt. 3
Edit Comments
Use the Stamp Tool
Export Comments
Import Comments

Add Security to PDF Document

Use Digital Signatures
Create a User Profile
Use the Digital Signature Tool
Create a Custom Signature
Use the Signatures Tab
View Document Versions
Verify Signatures
Use Acrobat Password Security
Use Acrobat Certificate Security

Optimize PDF Documents

Create Tagged Documents
Optimize PDFs for The Visually Impaired
Optimize PDFs for CD ROM Distribution
Optimize PDFs for the Web
Optimize PDFs for Print
Create Custom Distiller Settings pt. 1
Create Custom Distiller Settings pt. 2
When to Embed Fonts

PDFs and the Internet

Read PDFs in a Browser
Display PDFs at Your Web Site
Initiate a Browser Based Review
Prepare PDFs for the Web
Create Named Destinations and E-mail links

Create PDF Forms with Acrobat Professional

About Acrobat Form Fields
Set Form Field Properties
Create a Button pt. 1
Create a Button pt. 2
Create a Check Box
Create a Radio Button
Create a List Box
Create a Combo Box
Create a Text Field
Validate Form Fields
Calculate Form Fields
Create a Reset Button
Create a Submit Button

Add Multimedia Elements

Add Sounds to PDF Documents
Add Video Files to PDF Documents
Create Media Renditions

Create PDF Indexes with Acrobat Professional

Use Acrobat Catalog
Create a PDF Index
Purge and Rebuild a PDF Index

Use Acrobat Professional Batch Processing

Run a Batch Sequence
Create a Custom Batch Sequence
Edit a Batch Sequence

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